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Apna Bazar

Kaur Nanny Placement Service

Law office of Jasdeep Singh, Jasdeep Singh

Urvashi Beauty International

AG Fintax, Anil Grandhi

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I completed payment and submitted I-539 for an extended stay of my parents due to Covid19...[View Complete Thread] Pooja Immigration 5/18/2020
Advisory for Indian students in the context of Coronavirus pandemic...[View Complete Thread] Venky Immigration 3/13/2020
NEW VISA RESTRICTIONS - COVID-19...[View Complete Thread] Vikas Immigration 3/13/2020
Looking for H1b transfer Consultant in Seattle area...[View Complete Thread] Chen W. Immigration 2/4/2020
Looking for H1-B transfer ...[View Complete Thread] Rajesh k. Immigration 1/14/2020
Relocation to Seattle from India...[View Complete Thread] Nit S. Immigration 5/18/2019
New US passport - OCI...[View Complete Thread] Jaenet R. Immigration 4/16/2019
Passport renewal...[View Complete Thread] Sabrina Immigration 2/20/2019
Visa status for layover in Germany...[View Complete Thread] Rajni Immigration 2/16/2019
In need of H1B Sponsers ...[View Complete Thread] Bhavya  J. Immigration 3/19/2018
Amazon H1b transfer process...[View Complete Thread] Mahi K. Immigration 7/11/2017
Immigration Visa Stamping...[View Complete Thread] richa j. Immigration 3/10/2017
India to Seattle (USA) via Vancouver (Canada)...[View Complete Thread] Manish M. Immigration 7/21/2016
How do consultancies compare to other H-1B sponsors?...[View Complete Thread] Robin S. Immigration 3/28/2016
Lost iELTS score card...[View Complete Thread] Monstar s. Immigration 3/21/2016
Buy a property in India....[View Complete Thread] Ramesh Kumar S. Immigration 2/10/2016
H4 dependent port of entry issues...[View Complete Thread] Ninad D. Immigration 2/5/2016
i 94 extension after passport renewal...[View Complete Thread] techie t. Immigration 9/22/2015
I-140 question...[View Complete Thread] Sayanti V. Immigration 8/16/2015
after conversion from H4 to F1, is F1 visa holder independent or still dependent on H1 holder...[View Complete Thread] Monstar s. Immigration 8/7/2015
Job for Dependent Wife with L2 Visa...[View Complete Thread] Ganesh B. Immigration 7/30/2015
Parents Stay extension question...[View Complete Thread] Sowmya  N. Immigration 7/27/2015
Looking for help on 25th and 26th of July anyone available...[View Complete Thread] Ravi G. Immigration 7/19/2015
Looking for H1-B transfer and new job as soon as possible...[View Complete Thread] Harsh B. Immigration 7/19/2015
Can h1b Holder do Outsourcing Business...[View Complete Thread] Deepak M. Immigration 6/22/2015
Guys in H4 visa...[View Complete Thread] Anand Amirtharaj N. Immigration 5/19/2015
Can I get visa to Canada on arrival, i am living in Seattle...[View Complete Thread] Ritu.V Immigration 5/9/2015
Research Study ...[View Complete Thread] Samit B. Immigration 3/18/2015
Green Card Sponsorship...[View Complete Thread] Paritosh F. Immigration 2/4/2015
How many days it takes to get Visitor Visa for Canada...[View Complete Thread] kanika A. Immigration 1/17/2015
H4 visa extension...[View Complete Thread] Arnab G. Immigration 12/29/2014
Does an employee need a visa?...[View Complete Thread] Sal C. Immigration 11/18/2014
Entering US with Thumb Impression on Indian Passport...[View Complete Thread] Sapna L. Immigration 9/16/2014
Auto insurance for non-US license holder...[View Complete Thread] John P. Immigration 9/10/2014
Financial aid for h4 visa holders ...[View Complete Thread] krishnapriya g. Immigration 9/2/2014
Entering US with thumb impression in Indian passport...[View Complete Thread] Sowparnika S. Immigration 8/22/2014
Can you volunteer for an organization while on H4 Visa?...[View Complete Thread] Reeta A Immigration 7/27/2014
Parent/Elder Care in India...[View Complete Thread] Liz J. Immigration 7/2/2014
Photo for OCI renewal...[View Complete Thread] Anil B. Immigration 6/7/2014
New passport and OCI...[View Complete Thread] Anil B. Immigration 4/14/2014
H4 to F1 transfer...[View Complete Thread] Nilam G. Immigration 4/2/2014
Need H1B Transfer (urgent)...[View Complete Thread] Ramesh T. Immigration 4/1/2014
H4 visa to H1 visa sponsoring Consultancy...[View Complete Thread] Aishwarya I. Immigration 3/6/2014
Reporter looking for H1B, H4, L1, other visa holders...[View Complete Thread] Emily P. Immigration 2/10/2014
change from H4 to F1...[View Complete Thread] SJ V. Immigration 1/13/2014
Looking for lab job...[View Complete Thread] Khushbu K. Immigration 1/7/2014
Looking for lab position job in biotech field...[View Complete Thread] Khushbu K. Immigration 1/2/2014
US Passwport Renewal...[View Complete Thread] Jiji  . Immigration 12/13/2013
Need guidance in settling in Seattle/Nearby area...[View Complete Thread] Sumit K. Immigration 11/29/2013
Rejected Visitor Visa...[View Complete Thread] S A. Immigration 11/17/2013
H1B Visa sponcership for 2014...[View Complete Thread] Syam N. Immigration 11/15/2013
H1B Visa consultants in Chennai...[View Complete Thread] Syam N. Immigration 11/15/2013
Job in seattle with L2 Visa...[View Complete Thread] priya m. Immigration 11/6/2013
Green card job...[View Complete Thread] Himanshu S. Immigration 11/3/2013
L1a...[View Complete Thread] maha v. Immigration 10/25/2013
L1b visa...[View Complete Thread] Ananya K. Immigration 10/19/2013
Looking H4 to H1b Visa tranfer sponsors in seattle...[View Complete Thread] geetha p. Immigration 10/16/2013
restampping h4 visa...[View Complete Thread] deep g. Immigration 9/4/2013
In H4 visa . I need H1B visa on urgent basis ...[View Complete Thread] Soma G. Immigration 8/19/2013
Admission...[View Complete Thread] Sravan K. Immigration 7/16/2013
Childs passport getting expired in 8 months...[View Complete Thread] Prashant B. Immigration 7/1/2013
Need H1B Sponsership /Consultant in hyderabad,INDIA...[View Complete Thread] Pavan K. Immigration 2/23/2013
I am currently on H4 visa and looking for visa options that would enable me to take up a job. I have my B.Com and PGDBM degree....[View Complete Thread] Mythri S. Immigration 11/7/2012
L1B VISA RFE-2012...[View Complete Thread] Sri 2. Immigration 7/20/2012
H.R. 3012: Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act : HOPE...[View Complete Thread] Sushil T. Immigration 11/2/2011
Support Needed on Petition for Improving the US Visa System.or...[View Complete Thread] PIYUSH M. Immigration 9/24/2011
Need H1b Consultant in chennai...[View Complete Thread] chinnathambi s. Immigration 8/15/2011
Wait times for green cards- visa bulletin/...[View Complete Thread] Tahmina W. Immigration 7/12/2011
I am filing N-400 for my wife but not sure the answers for Part 7. A. B.[View Complete Thread] Daljit S. Immigration 7/7/2011
US Citizen - spouse Citizen sponsoring - cancellationa...[View Complete Thread] Bala S. Immigration 7/2/2011
Need Help for True Love...[View Complete Thread] Yvonne C. Immigration 6/29/2011
OPT training/H1 visa...[View Complete Thread] Jag G. Immigration 4/11/2011
Incomce Tax in Seattle...[View Complete Thread] Shameem A. Immigration 4/8/2011
schools in seattle offering cpt work authorization from first day...[View Complete Thread] ruchi m. Immigration 3/7/2011
Need a companion/Partner in USA or any European Country...[View Complete Thread] abraham a. Immigration 8/1/2010
RETURNING INDIAN PASSPORTS...[View Complete Thread] Leeza P. Immigration 7/8/2010
Immigration lawyer referral...[View Complete Thread] michelle v. Immigration 5/16/2010
Any consultants sponsoring H1B this year?/...[View Complete Thread] S A. Immigration 5/11/2010
Drive License for a Foreign......[View Complete Thread] Eduardo A. Immigration 4/15/2010
L1-B to H4...[View Complete Thread] Amit T. Immigration 4/5/2010
any nice apartments or safe places to live near seattle downtown....[View Complete Thread] arti k. Immigration 4/3/2010
Doubts about H4 visa stamping...[View Complete Thread] Preethi Z. Immigration 3/26/2010
STAMPING ECNR In INDIAN EMBASSY IN US........[View Complete Thread] ANUSHA S. Immigration 2/23/2010
Green Card...[View Complete Thread] Ram k. Immigration 1/17/2010
...[View Complete Thread] Suseela N. Immigration 9/21/2009
Green Side...[View Complete Thread] Sugumaran N. Immigration 7/31/2009
H1 required for HR o...[View Complete Thread] Nisha B. Immigration 6/20/2009
Green Card Holder Parentsd...[View Complete Thread] Chaman S. Immigration 3/27/2009
Need a good local immigration lawyerc...[View Complete Thread] Raashi B. Immigration 2/2/2009
Need a lawyer for Montessori Teacher H1B filing...[View Complete Thread] dubloo b. Immigration 1/31/2009
Sister visiting visa...[View Complete Thread] uamaan k. Immigration 12/28/2008
H1B SPONSOR...[View Complete Thread] sadie s. Immigration 7/17/2008
work permit on visitor visa...[View Complete Thread] bhavri a. Immigration 7/16/2008
Green Card...[View Complete Thread] Alex L. Immigration 7/13/2008
Visitor visa ...[View Complete Thread] Pal b. Immigration 5/30/2008
Looking for a Indian Lawyer ...[View Complete Thread] rohini k. Immigration 2/22/2008
Extension of visitors visa...[View Complete Thread] Vinaya K. Immigration 2/14/2008
hi everyone .is anyone know any good desi immigration lawyer in seattle area . u can email me at[View Complete Thread] sunny s. Immigration 2/12/2008
Requesting assistance to wok and study in the US...[View Complete Thread] Ronak R. Immigration 11/28/2007
Need VISA to visit INDIA --- Please help ...[View Complete Thread] Mihir D. Immigration 11/21/2007
Need Visa to visit India...[View Complete Thread] Sanjiv M. Immigration 10/30/2007
Indian Immigration Lawyers in Seattle/Redmond/Bellevue area...[View Complete Thread] Sai D. Immigration 10/8/2007
change of cary eer...[View Complete Thread] madhavi n. Immigration 9/23/2007
Immigration Lawyer for I-485...[View Complete Thread] sonali d. Immigration 7/18/2007
Non-IT jobs...[View Complete Thread] mani h. Immigration 6/12/2007
Need Companion from cochin to Chicago on april 18th Via Air India...[View Complete Thread] Jomon G. Immigration 4/12/2007
H4 TO H1 TRANSFER...[View Complete Thread] vidya g. Immigration 1/16/2007
H1...[View Complete Thread] Deep D. Immigration 1/16/2007
Need H1 processing for Finance/Accounting/Auditing professionals ...[View Complete Thread] priya s. Immigration 12/16/2006
H1B sponsor...[View Complete Thread] priya s. Immigration 12/10/2006
green card in EB2...[View Complete Thread] swathi j. Immigration 10/19/2006
about green card...[View Complete Thread] jagpreet s. Immigration 8/23/2006
...[View Complete Thread] rajul k. Immigration 5/22/2006
H1 B Sponsorc...[View Complete Thread] Simmi G. Immigration 4/30/2006
Citizenship Application...[View Complete Thread] Niraj K. Immigration 9/7/2005
Pl suggest apt near to 160th Av SE Gateway Bellevue...[View Complete Thread] Bansilal H. Immigration 8/16/2005
immigration issue on a female inmatec...[View Complete Thread] John G. Immigration 5/14/2005
Documents for Visitors Visa...[View Complete Thread] Anil B. Immigration 5/4/2005
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