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Note: Discussions for female friendships should only be responded by females or else your membership will be cancelled without any notice.
This is a platform for all Desi women to ask questions, make new friends, discuss problems. Whether you are new to the area, have been here for a whole and looking to make new friends, new mom or seasoned mom looking for some advice, need to discuss relationship or health issues, This is a space for all women to speak their heart. Note: This is a women's only group. If you are not comfortable in showing your name, you can add it anonymously. Your name won't show up to the other users but you will still be able to see their messages.

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Looking for friends in Lynwood...[View Complete Thread] Sandhya S. Women Only 7/27/2021
Looking for Women Friends Had Former Friend Move Out Of State...[View Complete Thread] Valerie P. Women Only 7/22/2021
Girls get together...[View Complete Thread] Deepthi J. Women Only 3/21/2021
postnatal massage...[View Complete Thread] Ankita G. Women Only 1/11/2021
Social Distancing Yoga / workouts at Grass lawn , make friends ...[View Complete Thread] Div R. Women Only 12/10/2020
Bellevue downtown...[View Complete Thread] shweta b. Women Only 8/13/2020
Any telugu speaking families around in Redmond...[View Complete Thread] swetha t. Women Only 2/13/2020
Looking for female Telugu speaking friends...[View Complete Thread] Madhavi V. Women Only 1/28/2020
Friends...[View Complete Thread] Sandhya K. Women Only 9/8/2019
Postnatal Massage...[View Complete Thread] Mishu B. Women Only 5/20/2019
Sports group - Women - Indian?...[View Complete Thread] Shree Y. Women Only 4/25/2019
Looking for gym buddy...[View Complete Thread] yogita c. Women Only 3/1/2019
Female friends...[View Complete Thread] Chaitali  B. Women Only 5/10/2018
GRE study mate or looking for women friends near Kirkland ...[View Complete Thread] Nandini T. Women Only 4/25/2018
Gynecologist ...[View Complete Thread] Sam A. Women Only 4/20/2018
Kanishka Cuisine of India
Srobona Mitra, MD,
Eastside OB/GYN, Jean R. Dydell, M.D.; Mary W. Tsuang M.D.; Christina Tun M.D. ; Chelsea Price D.O.
Gogo Mart Grocery International
looking for female friends near bothell hindu temple...[View Complete Thread] nid z. Women Only 10/6/2017
Looking for walking partner ...[View Complete Thread] Amit D. Women Only 9/26/2017
Looking for gujarati friendship...[View Complete Thread] Jetal B. Women Only 9/11/2017
Any Malayali families near Central Park East Apartments...[View Complete Thread] Reshma G. Women Only 9/11/2017
looking for Indian couples or women...[View Complete Thread] Samiksha A. Women Only 8/4/2017
Teej...[View Complete Thread] Food V. Women Only 8/3/2016
Part time job ...[View Complete Thread] Sangamitre  K. Women Only 7/11/2016
Lexington-height apartment renton...[View Complete Thread] Abhi007 S. Women Only 4/26/2016
Looking for an apartment with Indian community in Renton...[View Complete Thread] Abhi007 S. Women Only 4/20/2016
Any ladies staying at Hampton Greens,Bellevue?...[View Complete Thread] Ankita M. Women Only 3/25/2016
New to Issaquah...[View Complete Thread] priya c. Women Only 3/14/2016
Marathi families in Madison Bellevue or near crossroads...[View Complete Thread] Snehal P. Women Only 2/17/2016
Any mangaloreans in and around bellevue?...[View Complete Thread] Ancilla s. Women Only 2/16/2016
Anyone on EXIT 22( Bothell)...[View Complete Thread] Nidhi G. Women Only 2/1/2016
Any H4 ladies in piedmont apartment??...[View Complete Thread] Rachana C. Women Only 11/30/2015
Pabla Indian Cuisine
Accounting and Tax Professionals, I, Mukesh Makker, CPA
Looking for Indian Salon services in Issaquah Highlands area at reasonable prices ...[View Complete Thread] Shivani V. Women Only 10/1/2015
nothindians in foothill commons...[View Complete Thread] Rashi r. Women Only 9/26/2015
Divorce in USA...[View Complete Thread] Tina M. Women Only 8/14/2015
looking for stay at home moms near greenlake/northgate/North seattle college....[View Complete Thread] Vinita D. Women Only 8/11/2015
Best haircut salon for women with fine long hair...[View Complete Thread] Fellow I. Women Only 8/5/2015
Looking for beauty parlor services ...[View Complete Thread] Monika S. Women Only 7/29/2015
Indians in Shoreline, WA...[View Complete Thread] Charu S. Women Only 7/9/2015
Mom baby massage...[View Complete Thread] Chaitali N. Women Only 6/14/2015
Biking...[View Complete Thread] Rajeswari R. Women Only 6/8/2015
Morning walk companion...[View Complete Thread] shweta b. Women Only 4/8/2015
Hi all anyone at bridges of North creek Bothell...[View Complete Thread] Rupali N. Women Only 2/25/2015
single girls in bellevue...[View Complete Thread] naina m. Women Only 1/27/2015
Sambar powder...[View Complete Thread] user 1. Women Only 12/16/2014
Looking for a woman gym partner to workout daily at Crunch Bellevue...[View Complete Thread] Srividya B. Women Only 11/19/2014
Mommies in Redmond Square Apartment!!!...[View Complete Thread] P.Choudhari j. Women Only 9/12/2014
GRE study mate ...[View Complete Thread] radhika g. Women Only 7/20/2014
Looking for accomidation for Female in Renton or Redmond...[View Complete Thread] swati n. Women Only 6/28/2014
Anybody joining UWT in fall?...[View Complete Thread] user 1. Women Only 6/10/2014
workout buddy/ tennis/ adminton ...[View Complete Thread] vee s. Women Only 4/27/2014
Looking for a female walking buddy...[View Complete Thread] Manasi K. Women Only 4/9/2014
Postnatal massage...[View Complete Thread] Rajni V. Women Only 2/17/2014
Anybody joining UW Tacoma for MS in spring or fall this year?...[View Complete Thread] bsakhi r. Women Only 2/2/2014
Looking for HR/front office/Administrative job...[View Complete Thread] HR P. Women Only 1/8/2014
Drycleaning a Silk Saree and Repairing a Saree Top...[View Complete Thread] Arlene P. Women Only 12/22/2013
looking for Indians in and around woodinville...[View Complete Thread] Durga R. Women Only 11/10/2013
Indian nose piercing Seattle...[View Complete Thread] Marilynn L. Women Only 11/2/2013
Want to have my nose pierced for Hindi Jewelry...[View Complete Thread] Marilynn L. Women Only 10/20/2013
Searching for a Job in Human Resources...[View Complete Thread] yogita c. Women Only 10/16/2013
Looking for gym partner...[View Complete Thread] D B. Women Only 10/14/2013
Any body who study in ITU,CA...[View Complete Thread] Rajini  A. Women Only 9/4/2013
H4 storiess.....[View Complete Thread] mugdha J. Women Only 8/20/2013
H4 in seattle...[View Complete Thread] Preety M. Women Only 8/8/2013
Wanted: Lehnga for dance performance...[View Complete Thread] Banu J. Women Only 8/3/2013
Gynecologist...[View Complete Thread] bsakhi r. Women Only 7/18/2013
Any Tamil people near Factoria...[View Complete Thread] priya r. Women Only 6/16/2013
indian families near university district...[View Complete Thread] Swati R. Women Only 6/10/2013
planning to move to issaquah area next month ...[View Complete Thread] krishna n. Women Only 3/13/2013
Temple jewelry...[View Complete Thread] Usha G. Women Only 2/20/2013
looking for a female accommodation...[View Complete Thread] bala s. Women Only 2/19/2013
any indians in redmond hill or vista apartments...[View Complete Thread] Nikita R. Women Only 2/18/2013
Looking for a Reddy Groom for my sister...[View Complete Thread] Jyothi K. Women Only 11/26/2012
Anyone in downtown seattle...[View Complete Thread] Varsha B. Women Only 10/25/2012
Indian parlour...[View Complete Thread] Mayura G. Women Only 10/21/2012
Wanna meet fun loving gals in and around Bellevuere...[View Complete Thread] vasu r. Women Only 9/10/2012
Need tutor for learning basics of tailoring and usage of sewing machine...[View Complete Thread] sangeetha j. Women Only 8/21/2012
Womens cricket needs new players...[View Complete Thread] Yogita D. Women Only 8/8/2012
Any Indian families in Kirkland?...[View Complete Thread] Dhanu G. Women Only 6/25/2012
Looking for female frns ...[View Complete Thread] tulips y. Women Only 6/22/2012
Fertility experts in greater Seattle area/...[View Complete Thread] Dhanu G. Women Only 6/19/2012
walking partner...[View Complete Thread] Kaur K. Women Only 6/17/2012
Arts & Crafts and More!...[View Complete Thread] Ann T. Women Only 5/27/2012
Walking Buddy...[View Complete Thread] Shilpa D. Women Only 5/23/2012
Hand made books, a work of art?...[View Complete Thread] ADream V. Women Only 5/15/2012
Any Telugu speaking women in Archstone Redmond campus or Onyx apartments?...[View Complete Thread] siri c. Women Only 2/26/2012
Things to buy for baby boy before delivery...[View Complete Thread] Priya S. Women Only 2/23/2012
Classes at Bellevue College...[View Complete Thread] K R. Women Only 2/9/2012
How was your experience? *****...[View Complete Thread] mom2b s. Women Only 2/9/2012
Gym/ walking Buddy in Grasslawn park Area/...[View Complete Thread] Simran s. Women Only 2/7/2012
Prayer to conceive...[View Complete Thread] Payal A. Women Only 8/12/2011
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