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Risk of "Dengue" could strike earlier than expected in the year 2020 (Press Release)
- Less Pollution & Early Monsoon could bring in an unwanted enemy “earlier” into our lives- Ensure “hygienic” surroundings to contain the spread of disease Hydera...
"It was quite challenging to do justice to all the iconic voices in this historical track Guzar Jayega says"- Jazim Sharma (Press Release)
The singer/composer of the historical track Guzar Jayega says “ I’m really blessed that I got an opportunity to create a historical track which was supported by all the legendary artists and singers. ...
I'm very fortunate that Mr Amitabh Bachchan supported us-says Producer Vinay Vashisht (Press Release)
The producer of the most trending track title “Guzar Jayega”, Vinay Vashisht who supported the initiative from Canada shows his happiness to be a part of the song that is narrated by none other than ...
Web series SIN will keep you hooked till the very end! (Press Release)
Addatimes Media Private Limited is screening SIN, a premium Hindi web-series, directed by Arunava Khasnobis, and starring Aryan D. Roy, Sweta Mishra, Lakshya Punjabi, Jaideep Singh, Iqbal Sultan, and ...
Parents may cause thalassemia to the child and believe me its preventable (Health & Lifestyle)
Dr S K Gupta,Senior Consultant Haematologist,Continental Hospitals Hyderabad, 8th May 2020: It has been estimated that the prevalence of pathological hemoglobinopathies includi...
Covid 19 Impact on the Edible Oil by Gemini Edibles & Fats India Pvt Ltd (Press Release)
Gemini Edibles & Fats India Pvt Ltd – Tracking a new terrain during COVID-19 lockdown Covid-19 lockdown has created differentiators for the edible oil sector in the country. Gemini Edi...
Relief for Businesses with Net Operating Losses - May 2020 (Money)
Taxpayers with net operating losses (NOLs) form a business are provided tax relief under the CARES Act. Tax relief for partnerships filing amended returns is provided as well. Let's take a look at thr...
Mukesh Makker
Tips for Deducting Medical and Dental Expenses - May 2020 (Money)
If you, your spouse, or dependents have significant medical or dental costs in 2019, you may be able to deduct those expenses when you file your tax return this year. Here are eight things you should ...
Mukesh Makker
Facts About the Adoption Tax Credit - May 2020 (Money)
Parents who adopted or started the adoption process during 2019 may qualify for the adoption credit. Generally, the credit is allowable whether the adoption is domestic or foreign. However, the timing...
Mukesh Makker
Ready to File? This Tax Records Checklist Will Help - May 2020 (Money)
If you're a taxpayer who has not yet filed their 2019 tax return, you may be getting ready to do so now. One of the first things you will need to do - before visiting your tax preparer - is to gather ...
Mukesh Makker

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