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Please note Ferrari Ki Sawari (3/5 stars) (Hindi) Movie occurred in past.

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 Ferrari Ki Sawari (3/5 stars) (Hindi) Movie

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Ferrari Ki Sawari (3/5 stars) (Hindi) Movie by Totem Lake Cinema-Indian Movie Theater in Kirkland

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Friday, July 06, 2012 9 PM

Saturday, July 07, 2012 6 PM, 9 PM

Sunday, July 08, 2012 4 PM, 7 PM

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Event Information: Ferrari Ki Sawari (3/5 stars) (Hindi) Movie by Totem Lake Cinema-Indian Movie Theater

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Ferrari Ki Sawari (3/5 stars)
Cast : Sharman Joshi, Boman Irani, Ritwik Sahore, Vidya Balan (cameo), Paresh Rawal

Director : Rajesh Mapuskar

Rating: ***

With Father's day ahead on this weekend ,Vidu Vinod Chopra's much talked about cine flick Ferrari Ki Sawari based upon a passionate father son relation is released on Friday. Not decorated with industry A graders, Ferrari Ki Sawari opened with an occupancy of 30% at multiplexes.

Ferrari Ki Sawari is a beautiful depiction of a passionate father son duo, where A young kid thinks of nothing but cricket and his father, thinks of nothing but his little boy and his dream. To fulfill his son's dream of playing at Lord's cricket ground, the honest and upright father performs the first small act of dishonesty in his life and how the life drags them on the complicated lane.

Just like millions of aspiring cricketers, Kayos (played by Ritvik Sahore) is also a budding kid who want to make it to the Indian cricket team, and unlike other strict fathers of cricket based sagas ( as seen in cine flicks Patiala House and Iqbal), is always encouraged by his father Rustam (played by Sharman Joshi) to reach his goal.

One fine day destiny bless the duo with an opportunity for Kayos to go to Lords for a cricket training camp for the consummation of the longstanding dream of father son duo.

But the dilemma erupts, when Rustam was told that he will be needing at least 1.5 lac rupees if he want to sent Kayos for the camp.

While looking for financial avenues for the fulfilment of his son's dreams, Rustam had a rendezvous with Babbu(Seema Bhargav) a wedding planer, who asks Rustam to arrange a Ferrari for the wedding of one of her clients who is a small time political goon.

With story rolling ahead Sharman goes with the idea of borrowing a gleaming red Ferrari for one hour, But the hell breaks loose when Rustam don't inform the legendary owner of the vehicle and a wild, bumpy ride begins.

As the tale proceeds, it unfurls the feelings of a grandfather who is an epic rival of cricket, but steps back into his shoes for the the dream of his son and grandson.

The premise of the movie seems to be new one, which may lead to the onset of "slice of life" genre in the cinematography aisles. But simultaneously, it is also worth mentioning that being the story of a common man, the script could have been better and could have managed a better connect with audience.

The high predictability quotient prevailing throughout the script, further adds on to the loss of curiosity factor, which again decimates the potential of the movie to keep the fan's gazes glued to the screen.

Though the plot of the movie is cute and lovable but the sequential flow of the story seems to be scattered as compared to the movies earlier made under the banner Vidu Vinod Chopra. As far as humor is concerned, then Ferrari Ki Sawari completely fails in offering those giggles and rib ticklers.

Screenplay of the movie, up till an extent has succeeded in covering up the flaws of the scripts. Throughout the course of the movie the screenplay had been good and as far as a few missing connects are concerned, then its simply because of not so strong script.

Rajesh Mapuskar the debuting director, deserves to be patted for an above average performance on his maiden debut as director and brilliantly depicting the aspirations of a common man.

On his solo debut, Sharman has tried his level best to please the masses, but somewhere seemed entrapped in his Raju Rastogi persona of cine flick 3 Idiots.

Up till some extent, Sharman has succeeded in pleasing the masses by his efforts to translate the character of a passionate Parsi father on the big screen. Ritwik Sahore has proved his brilliance as an aspiring cricketer in the movie. As usual, Boman Irani well settled in the skin of his character as a Parsi grandfather.

As far as the supporting cast is concerned then then things could have been better, because the bunch of people surrounding Sharman, Ritwik and Boman, completely failed in delivering the expected level of performance.

In the music section, movie doesn't have much to offer, except the lavani number picturised on Vidya Balan. But very much in consensus with screenplay, background scores deserves to be praised for gelling up exceptionally well with the onscreen proceedings.

BO Potential
As far as BO potential of Ferrari Ki Sawari is concerned, then it is expected to take slow start followed by a take off on weekend, but ultimately leading to a dropped BO collection in the week ahead.

To sum up, Ferrari Ki Sawari is an decent entertainer knitted around a passionate relationship of a father son duo, accompanied by a lovable grandfather. Ferrari Ki Sawari is a cute and lovable slice of life pertaining to the aspirations of a common man, but because of lacking masala, it is not expected to offer much to the cine junkies who are habitual either to humor or action genre of cine flicks.

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