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How crowdfunding can help save Silicon Valley from its harebrained investors (Career)
There arefears that another Ice Age is about to hit Silicon Valley because of the implosionof its unicorns start-ups valued at more than one billion dollars.By one estimatethere were 229 such companies in January of this year. Their valuations are dropping precipitously because they were overpriced and overhyped. The fear is that venture capital […]...
Vivek Wadhwa
Trumps demand that Apple must make iPhones in the U.S. actually isnt that crazy (Career)
Donald Trump has promised that were gonna get Apple to start building their damn computers and things in this country, instead of in other countries. He said this at a speech at Virginias Liberty University and several other events. It is very likely that he is not serious; Trump tends to say things he couldnt […]...
Vivek Wadhwa
Acing the Phone Interview! (Career)
The first step in the process of interview rounds is a telephone call from your targeted company. This 15-45 Min. interview can be scheduled by either a recruiter (HR person) or someone in the hiring chain, including the hiring manager. The logistics of this scheduled phone session happens typically via......
Dilip Saraf
Dr Princy S. Rekhi (A role model for young professionals ) (People Making Difference)
The youngest dentist licensed to practice dentistry in the State of Washington, Princy Rekhi spelled success at a young age. ROSHNI, the publication of south Asia, rightly described Princy “ A dentist...
SeattleIndian Staff
All India Radio's Leading Newsreader Surajit Sen Breathed His Last (News)
Surajit Sen, one of the leading voices of All India Radio in its heady days of news over voice, decades before the advent of television, breathed his last on May 6. One of the iconic AIR newsreaders w...
Ravi Agarwal
Washington DC Events: Bollywood Exhibition at Madame Tussauds (Community News)
Bollywood has traveled to the US capital for an exhibition, one of the most waited Washington DC events this year. The life-size wax statutes of popular Bollywood actors including Amitabh Bachchan, Sh...
Ravi Agarwal
Why entrepreneurship Goes Beyond Launching Just a High-tech Start-up?! (Career)
Almost immediately after I published my blog last week, Dealing with the Impending High-tech Layoffs!, I started getting a stream of emails from my clients and others concerned about what to do if they were affected by these layoffs. Many getting back to me were in the mid 40s and......
Dilip Saraf
Frozen Food Recall: Foods from Trader Joe's, Costco, Walmart part of massive Listeria recall (Press Release)
As a precaution, CRF Frozen Foods of Pasco, Washington is expanding its voluntary recall of frozen organic and traditional fruits and vegetables. We are performing this voluntary recall in cooperation...
Dealing with the Impending High-tech Lay-offs! (Career)
For the past year or so there is a foreboding by many industry experts that this year (2016) there is going to be heads rolling in the high-tech industry in a major way. Below are the estimates projected by analysts for some of the major corporations that have a large......
Dilip Saraf
Shankar Ehsaan Loy Rocked Seattle on April 30th 2016 (Event Recap)
What a delightful evening by Shankar Ehsaan Loy in Seattle on April 30th, 2016! A concert presented by Sankara Eye Foundation for a great cause, was a huge hit among Seattle crowd....
SeattleIndian Staff
Why Tesla is the spark that Apple needs (Career)
Applesdismal earnings announcementshows why it badly needs to rethink its innovation model and leadership. Its last breakthrough innovation was the iPhone which was released in 2007. Since then, Apple has simply been tweaking its componentry, adding faster processors and more advanced sensors, and playing with its size making it bigger in the iPad […]...
Vivek Wadhwa
How open science can help solve Zika and prepare us for the next pandemic (Career)
With the advent of synthetic biology and gene editing tools, there are amazing breakthroughs being made in medicine, energy and food. Within a few years, we will see cures for debilitating diseases, new biofuels, and grains that can be grown in extreme climates. We will also have many new nightmares: bioterrorism and well-meaning experiments that […]...
Vivek Wadhwa
The 2016 Presidential Candidates Profiles on LinkedIn! (Career)
Now that the New York Primaries have clearly told us who the two likely nominees are in our Presidential election I decided to stop watching the various news channels providing saturation coverage obfuscated by the various contradicting pundits opinionated views on the candidates, and to dig a little deeper into......
Dilip Saraf
What Makes for a Good Manager?! Part-I (Career)
My last weeks blog, Career Coachings Top 10! brought me many private queries, mostly from my clients. Many of them are managers themselves and were wondering, in their own minds, if they belonged to the proverbial 80% category to which dysfunctional managers belong. I added a comment in my blog......
Dilip Saraf
What Makes for a Good Manager?! Part-II (Career)
In Part-I of my blog published last week I showcased some practices and behaviors bad managers exhibit. In that blog I gave two of the most egregious examples of actual experiences my clients had that stand out as something bordering on inhumane treatment of employees. I did that to present......
Dilip Saraf

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