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Love of learning is the key to success in the jobless future (Career)
Not long ago, school children chose what they wanted to be when they grew up, and later selected the best college they could gain admission to, spent years gaining proficiency in their fields, and joined a company that had a need for their skills. Careers lasted lifetimes. Now, by my estimates, the half-life of a […]...
Vivek Wadhwa
The Importance of a Career Plan! (Career)
This obvious nugget of wisdom from Yogi Berra is a good reminder for those who maunder through their professional life without a plan and find themselves ending someplace else. As a career coach my role is to remind clients that planning at any stage of a career is a critical......
Dilip Saraf
We need a new version of capitalism for the jobless future (Career)
There are more net jobs in the world today than ever before, after hundreds of years of technological innovation and hundreds of years of people predicting the death of work. The logic on this topic is crystal clear. Because of that, the contrary view is necessarily religious in nature, and, as we all know, theres […]...
Vivek Wadhwa
The Perils of NOT Managing Your Boss! (Career)
In my Client Intake Questionnaire that I send prospects before they are on boarded for career coaching with me one of the questions I ask is, How do you manage upwards? Although most get the import of this question, some just dont; they respond by stating, He is my boss,......
Dilip Saraf
A Simple Antidote for the Monday-Morning Dread! (Career)
Studies conducted over many years have shown that working folks have trouble dealing with Mondays. It is not that the working people just dread Mondays, but evidence tells us that even the heart attack rates on Mondays go up on this first working day of a week, by some estimates,......
Dilip Saraf
RAINBOW- THE COLORFUL CHAKRAS OF LIFEA Rainbow leads to one word- LIFE. Every person on this planet has all the colors of the rainbow inside him. His body is ruled by the seven colors of ...
Rima Arora
Sorry, but the jobless future isnt a luddite fallacy (Career)
With the unemployment rate falling to 5.3 percent, the lowest in seven years, policy makers are heaving a sigh of relief. Indeed, with the technology boom in progress, there is a lot to be optimistic about. Manufacturing will be returningto U.S. shores with robots doing the job of Chinese workers; American carmakerswill be mass-producing self-driving […]...
Vivek Wadhwa
When your scale and fridge conspire to make you lose weight, the Internet of Things will have gone too far (Career)
Your toaster will soon talk to your toothbrush and your bathroom scale. They will all have a direct line to your car and to the health sensors in your smartphone. I have no idea what they will think of us or what they will gossip about, but our devices will be soon be sharing information […]...
Vivek Wadhwa
Power Your Life with these 50 Tips! (Career)
In my coaching practice most of the clients who come to me is because they have suffered some career setbacks and are trying to regain their momentum, for which they need my help. One of the questions I ask my clients when they first see me (and even before, through......
Dilip Saraf
Five Simple Hacks to Jump-start Your Career (Career)
As a career coach clients often come to me complaining about their languishing careers: lack of growth opportunities in their company; ignoredor, even worse, maliciousperformance reviews that prevent them from knowing where they really stand and where they need to improve; and, finally, lack of a pay increase for years,......
Dilip Saraf
Welcome to the dawn of the age of robots (Career)
Growing up, I believed that very soon we would all have robots like Rosie, from The Jetsons, cleaning up after us. For those out there who are too young to remember The Jetsons, Rosie is the familys domestically adroit robot maid. After all, why should anyone waste time doing dishes or folding clothes? I longed […]...
Vivek Wadhwa
Learning to Verbalize YOUR Underlying Magic! (Career)
Since my coaching practice is based a process and tools I developed for uncovering a clients innate gifttheir geniusmany wonder if they are wasting their time and money coming to me only to find that they do not possess such a gift. Initially at least, during the process of helping......
Dilip Saraf
An Antidote to Bad Management! (Career)
  Antidote/noun 1 A medicine given to counteract the effects of a poison (or, formerly, a disease). (Foll. by against, for, to.). 2 fig. Something which counteracts an evil. (With constructions as sense 1.)   Although the title of this blog suggests that it is about how to......
Dilip Saraf
Taking Care of Your Communications Gaps! (Career)
  Although clients approach me to improve their career/life I find them struggling with their abilities to communicate well and, especially, to express themselves in English. This is also true for those who are born and raised in the US. Although many speak and communicate well orally, their written skills,......
Dilip Saraf
Mobile is eating the business world, but where are all the great business apps? (Career)
Every 15 years or so, the world witnesses a profound shift in computing platforms. In the 1980s the advent of the PC heralded a shift away from mainframe computing. Then along came the Internet and an outpouring of web-based applications. Now it is mobiles turn to eat everything. And with each tectonic shift in the […]...
Vivek Wadhwa

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