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The Perils of Putting Yourself First! (Career)
Frustrated and defeated clients often call me when their repeated requests and promises made by their bosses for raises, promotions, transfer, and career advancements remain unfulfilled. A typical case entails the dreaded Annual Performance Review (APR) cycle when the client is convinced that they are going to get the next......
Dilip Saraf
Increasing Your Marketability During the Holiday Season! (Career)
As the Holiday Season approaches, right after Halloween, many of my clients get a wake-up call about where their career is and where it should be. I get more calls right around this time of the year and they continue throughout the next several weeks, right up to Christmas week......
Dilip Saraf
In Critical Interactions Do You Feel Fearor EvenFeel Inferior?! (Career)
No one makes you feel inferior without your consent.Eleanor Roosevelt Clients often approach me for coaching to improve their Executive Presence, interview performance, or social interactions with senior executives or business rock stars. One key insight I get in such requests is that they suffer from either a deep sense......
Dilip Saraf
Americas reinvention is helping it leap further ahead of the world (Career)
By Vivek Wadhwa and Edward Alden. Pessimists believe that the United States has peaked as a superpower and is falling behind in education, research and development, and economic growth. They say the countrys best days are behind it. Fortunately, they are wrong. Not only is the United States leading a technology revolution that will help […]...
Vivek Wadhwa
Get Ready: Virtual Reality Is Arriving Well Ahead of Star Treks Far Future Forecast (Career)
In the television series Star Trek, virtual reality-chambers called “holodecks” take humans into computer-generated worlds where they interact with avatars — and with each other. Imagine being able to visit a distant planet or Tahiti during your lunch break. In Star Trek, holodecks come into existence in the 24th century and reproduce all sensory perceptions, […]...
Vivek Wadhwa
Universities have a choicepartner with industry, or watch their best minds disappear (Career)
The University of Virginia’s provost, Tom Katsouleas, once told me thatless than one percent, by his estimates, of basic research is commercialized and that there may be as few as one near-term commercialization for every $10 million invested in fundamental research. This is an awful waste, especially when America is undergoing a reinvention in which […]...
Vivek Wadhwa
Fighting the Fatigue Factor! (Career)
A client, with whom I had worked a few years back, got back in touch with me recently to apprise me of an evolving situation at work and to ask for my advice on how to leverage this development to advance her career. She has been leading a team of......
Dilip Saraf
The Leadership of Timely Team Intervention! (Career)
Clients always call me when they reach the Event Horizon of a situation at work with an urgent plea to help them extricate themselves from it, sometimes even wanting to do it gracefully. Those in the know of the astronomy of black holes have learned that an event horizon is......
Dilip Saraf
Predictions for Bihar Polls 2015 (Astrology/Palmistry)
In 2014 I predicted the win of respected Narendra Modi Jee. This time Rahu and Ketu are going to bless Shri Mr. Nitish Kumar though there will be many problem for him....
Neelamber Pant
Career Management: It is Much Like Race Car Driving! (Career)
In driving a racecar you will go where your eyes go; in driving your career it will go where your mind goes!Jay Leno Although Jay Leno is credited for the first half of the above quote, I made up the second part of this quote to make my point based......
Dilip Saraf
The Perils of Going into a Job Interview with Your Own Agenda! (Career)
Clients looking for jobs and lined for job interviews often come to me to practice their interviewing skills. Although I cannot help them much with specific technical discussions in their areas of expertise by asking deeply specialized questions, I often get into their perspective of how that technology is moving......
Dilip Saraf
Why Uber will Succeed, and You Can, Too! (Career)
Last weekend I had invitation to attend a major classical musical event in San Francisco. Being the weekend and knowing that there were several other big events in the city that day I decided to take the public transportation (BART) and use Uber to navigate through San Francisco traffic to......
Dilip Saraf
Chasing Rainbows Wont Save Indian I.T. It Desperately Needs to Reinvent Itself (Career)
Wipro announced in May that it will open a technology center in Mountain View, California, to partner with startups in artificial intelligence and automation. And Infosys has just announced an investment in Palo Alto-based venture-capital firm Vertex Ventures, “to boost its access to startups focused on disruptive technologies”. Both companies seem to believe that setting […]...
Vivek Wadhwa
The strongest weapon to shift geopolitical balances isnt nukes or missiles, its technology (Career)
Governments, businesses, and economists have all been caught off guard by the geopolitical shifts that happened with the crash of oil prices and the slowdown of Chinas economy. Most believe that the price of oil will recover and that China will continue its rise. They are mistaken. Instead of worrying about the rise of China, […]...
Vivek Wadhwa
Pros and Cons of Some Career Advancement Tools! (Career)
As a career coach I often get queries from my clients and passer-byes (at social events and parties) about available resources to advance their careers. This often happens with midcareer professionals who realize that they are missing something in their tool kit of skills to get to the next level.......
Dilip Saraf

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