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Latest Articles
The Alchemy of Career Re-Invention! (Career)
On Saturday, March 28, there is a Pan-IIT Job Fair in Santa Clara, where two Silicon Valley luminaries will share their career paths and how they re-invented themselves to get to where they are today. Their stories will be showcased as Fireside Chats in an interview-exchange format, when the attendees......
Dilip Saraf
How to grow old gracefully? (General)
Few suggestions:1. Live in your own place to enjoy independence, dignity & privacy.2. Hold on to your bank deposits & assets with yourself till death. Make a registered "Will"....
How Can You Show Your Professionalism Doing these 10 Things?! (Career)
As a career coach I get countless inquiries and requests to respond to prospects needs for career advice and related topics. Having now worked with several thousand clients I have codified my first impressions by how they approach me with their request to take the next steps. First impressions are......
Dilip Saraf
Heres why patents are innovations worst enemy (Career)
The Founding Fathers of the United States considered intellectual property so important that they gave it a special place in the Constitution: To promote the progress of science and useful arts, by securing for limited times to authors and inventors the exclusive right to their respective writings and discoveries. The framers of the U.S. Constitution […]...
Vivek Wadhwa
Staying In-charge of Your Performance, Remotely! (Career)
Tweet: Having a remote boss requires special handling of your progress and managing performance optics. Heed these guidelines to prevent surprises. Many of my clients work in locations remotely from where their bosses are locatedHQ. Although this can be a blessing in may waysyou think you have more freedom to......
Dilip Saraf
Why we should all be thrilled about the FDA starting to embrace innovation (Career)
On Feb. 19, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration took a huge step towards patient-centric medicine when it approved the marketing of genetics testing company 23andMes carrier test for Bloom Syndrome. This was a startling and good development because it affirmed the rights of consumers to drive their own health-care decisions and procedures. […]...
Vivek Wadhwa
Google Thinkcloud video: The amazing future of technology and 10x thinking (Career)
Original air date: October 1st, 2014 Vivek Wadhwa, Fellow Stanford University Claire Huges Johnson, VP, Google [X] Urs Hlzle, SVP, Google Sundar Pichai, SVP, Google...
Vivek Wadhwa
How to Blow and Perfectly Good Introduction?! (Career)
I routinely get requests from my clients to connect them with inside contacts with companies, where they want to pursue new opportunities. I have an extensive contact list on my LinkedIn Profile and many of these contacts are my clients. So, when one client requests an introduction to someone at......
Dilip Saraf
Why I am stepping out of the debate on women in technology (Career)
I started advocating for women in engineering in 2006 when my dean at Dukes Pratt School of Engineering, Kristina Johnson, made me aware of the declining numbers of women entering the field. As a former tech entrepreneur, I found the situation alarming. I had spent the last few years researching how education, immigration, and entrepreneurship […]...
Vivek Wadhwa
Wanna to Join a Start-up? Check this Out! (Career)
Having a career coaching practice in the Silicon Valley has its demands! Although I have clients in 23 countries, it is only some (about 10%) from the Silicon Valley who engage me have the desire to either start their own venture or to join one. This is not to suggest......
Dilip Saraf
Five Simple Hacks for a Hassle-free Exit! (Career)
  Tweet: When exiting for new job you must heed these. Most deal with them with Unconscious Incompetence. Now, try these hacks. Clients often come to me to pursue new jobs because of a variety of reasons: No promotions, despite countless promises; bad boss; no recognition for all the hard......
Dilip Saraf
Jamil Suleman & Spekulation Cook Up Curry-NA-Hurry in New Rap Video. (General)
Seattle, Washington Hip-Hop artists Jamil Suleman and Spekulation (known for his viral hit remixes of Marshawn Lynchs infamous quotes featured on Pitchfork, VICE, and Sports Illustrated) come together...
Jamil Suleman
Why Im confident that the tech industry is fixing its diversity quagmire (Career)
When Microsofts chief executive, Satya Nadella, commented that women should have faith in the system to give them the raises they deserve, he knew he had misspoken. His words at the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing, last October, caused immediate outrage. In an e-mail exchange with me after he left the stage, he […]...
Vivek Wadhwa
My response to the podcast that unfairly attacked me (Career)
There is a new controversy brewing about whether a man should be allowed to comment on the challenges that women in technology face. A podcast on WNYCs TLDR blog site raised issue with my being quoted in a cover story in Newsweek about Silicon Valleys sexism. The podcast, which was removed Wednesday, by WNYC, made […]...
Vivek Wadhwa
Wanna Grow? Take One of These! (Career)
A large majority of my new clients come to me because they are facing a problem at work. In many cases it is their boss, sometimes it is their colleagues, it can even be their company and how it is being managed. Because I am also a life coach people......
Dilip Saraf

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