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Welcome to the dawn of the age of robots (Career)
Growing up, I believed that very soon we would all have robots like Rosie, from The Jetsons, cleaning up after us. For those out there who are too young to remember The Jetsons, Rosie is the familys domestically adroit robot maid. After all, why should anyone waste time doing dishes or folding clothes? I longed […]...
Vivek Wadhwa
Learning to Verbalize YOUR Underlying Magic! (Career)
Since my coaching practice is based a process and tools I developed for uncovering a clients innate gifttheir geniusmany wonder if they are wasting their time and money coming to me only to find that they do not possess such a gift. Initially at least, during the process of helping......
Dilip Saraf
An Antidote to Bad Management! (Career)
  Antidote/noun 1 A medicine given to counteract the effects of a poison (or, formerly, a disease). (Foll. by against, for, to.). 2 fig. Something which counteracts an evil. (With constructions as sense 1.)   Although the title of this blog suggests that it is about how to......
Dilip Saraf
Taking Care of Your Communications Gaps! (Career)
  Although clients approach me to improve their career/life I find them struggling with their abilities to communicate well and, especially, to express themselves in English. This is also true for those who are born and raised in the US. Although many speak and communicate well orally, their written skills,......
Dilip Saraf
Mobile is eating the business world, but where are all the great business apps? (Career)
Every 15 years or so, the world witnesses a profound shift in computing platforms. In the 1980s the advent of the PC heralded a shift away from mainframe computing. Then along came the Internet and an outpouring of web-based applications. Now it is mobiles turn to eat everything. And with each tectonic shift in the […]...
Vivek Wadhwa
How Our Brain Fights Change! (Career)
  Clients often come to me for help when they feel stuck or cannot get past an obstacle that they have in their career or in their lives. In most situations what I uncoverwith the client, often right in the sessionis that they are stuck in a paradigm that they......
Dilip Saraf
Why calling Asian Americans a model minority glosses over crucial issues (Career)
Asians Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) are the fastest growing racial group in the United States; their population is expected to double to more than 47 million by 2060. Yet the needs of these communities are rarely discussed,because AAPIs, in the aggregate, are also the highest-income and best-educated ethnic groups in the United States. A […]...
Vivek Wadhwa
Everyone Needs a Coach! (Career)
  In his May 2013 TED talk Bill Gates launches his 10 Min. presentation with an opening line, Everyone Needs a Coach. Then he goes on to expand on that and explains how a coach can help you improve your performance in an endeavor in which you are engaged: Acting,......
Dilip Saraf
Five Simple Career Hacks to Jump-Start Your Career Momentum! (Career)
Career Momentum is an asset that most professionals ignore, are not aware of, or do not know how to manage. Most do not know that it is a highly fungible commoditycurrencywhen you are making a job change to get the role, salary, and the title you wish in your next......
Dilip Saraf
New Rule!! H-4 for Employment Authorization from May 26, 2015 (Immigration)
About the Author:Anu Peshawaria is a well known US Business Immigration Attorney as well as a Supreme Court Attorney from India, Former Legal Advisor Embassy of India, Washington DC. She is an exp...
Anu Peshawaria
Quantum computing is about to make big trouble for cybersecurity (Career)
Spooky action at a distance is how Albert Einstein described one of the key principles of quantum mechanics: entanglement. Entanglement occurs when two particles become related such that they can coordinate their propertiesinstantly even across a galaxy. Think of wormholes in space or Star Trek transporters that beam atoms to distant locations. Quantum mechanics posits […]...
Vivek Wadhwa
Demystifying High-Performance Teams! (Career)
With almost every business activity now relying on teamwork, it is no wonder that the success of a workgroup, business unit, or even the whole company depends on teams functioning at their best. This single factor can make or break a work group or even a business. Clients at all......
Dilip Saraf
Three Factors to Consider in an Internal Transfer! (Career)
Clients often approach me when they realize that their momentum in the current role is tanking or that they see problem areas because of how the team is not providing the best environment for their ongoing success. Often, too, it is the new manager, who creates an environment that throttles......
Dilip Saraf
Sonu Nigam visits India's Best Rambo Circus (Event Recap)
India's Best Circus Rambo Circus which is currently hosting an International Circus Festival in Mumbai, saw the folks of Bollywood making a pathway to their camp with their families.The cast a...
Savvy Bajaj
Teslas Powerwall is the latest step toward our clean-energy future (Career)
Most people are skeptical that were heading into aclean-energy future. They find it hard to believe that solar energy is fewer than 14 years away from meeting 100 percent of todays energy needs. They argue that today solar energy hardly provides one percent of Earths energy needs and that we cant effectively store sunlight […]...
Vivek Wadhwa

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