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Lessons from the United Airlines! (Career)
Throughout the last week the story of how the United Airlines mal-handled the passenger who refused to surrender his seat to accommodate the Airlines own crew exploded in the media with an endless parade of the video clips showing how that poor passenger was dragged out of his seat, hauled......
Dilip Saraf
Some Joie de Vivre Hacks! (Career)
Joie de vivre in French means joy of living! OED defines it as a feeling of healthy enjoyment of life; exuberance, high spirits! Why a blog on this topic so foreign to so many who work for a living? In my coaching practice I believe that this feeling of joie......
Dilip Saraf
Applying Design Thinking to Career Management! (Career)
Although the phrase Design Thinking has been bandied about lately in many discussions that go beyond product design, its origins date back to the concepts of systems thinking. As contrasted with Linear Thinking, Systems Thinking is a discipline that requires anyone engaged in making decisions about any topic or matter......
Dilip Saraf
Avoid these 10 Mistakes in Your New Job! (Career)
  Clients often come to me to land a new job or to change their career path and to take on a new career after their re-invention, my specialty. Although most are engaged with me throughout their transition, some are not as much. They get complacent about how to get......
Dilip Saraf
Adopting Mise en Place to Career Management! (Career)
In French cooking the chefs use this phrase Mis-a-Place (miz plas), Meez for short, which conveys how, in a professional kitchen, the initial preparation of equipment and ingredients is carried out before the commencement of cooking. French chefsand other good ones, tooare quite fastidious about planning, organizing, and mentally......
Dilip Saraf
Mastering Audience-Appropriate Communication! (Career)
Many senior-level clients come to me when they want to pursue a job opportunity that appeals to them. In many such cases the senior-leadership roles involve marketing, customer, and other audiences that often require strong communication abilities. Typically, such requirements are described by phrases such as, Strong audience-appropriate communication and......
Dilip Saraf
Demystifying the Roles of the Four Players in a Career (Career)
Fig-1: The Four Players in a Career Having now worked with about 6,500 clients from many countries and at all levels, from students entering college to seasoned CEOs, I have come to realize that, by-and-large, there are four types of players that dominate any career field. Although this is my......
Dilip Saraf
How to Confuse Others with Your Rsum?! (Career)
One of the first items in many prospects list of things to get done when they engage with me is their rsum. This is especially true for those who are looking to make a transition in their job and who want to move to another company. When they complete my......
Dilip Saraf
A few Secret Hacks for Job Interviews! (Career)
Prospects often call me to work on interview practice sessions, where they want to sharpen their interview skills. This is a good step to take, especially if you have an important interview round set up at top companies like Google, Facebook, Uber, Airbnb, Amazon, Tesla, McKinsey, BCG, and others. If......
Dilip Saraf
Stylish kids: how celebrities dress their children (Beauty & Fashion)
Whether it be Suri Cruise and her bulging collection of heels, which reportedly includes bespoke Louboutins; Zachary Furnish-John and his blazers embossed with the family crest; or little Skyler Berma...
Nilesh Thakkar
Should I change insurance companies? (Money)
It is a good practice to review your insurance plans at least once a year, ideally a few months before an annual renewal. Asking whether a change of insurance companies or whether your current company...
Praveen Nair
What is Umbrella Insurance? (Money)
Umbrella insurance refers to extra liability insurance. It can be added to homeowners, auto, rv and boat insurance policies. Its purpose is to help protect you from major lawsuits and claims and in tu...
Praveen Nair
Top Insurance Companies | Insurance Company Ratings (Money)
Learn how to identify the number one auto insurance company and best life insurance companies in Washington State.One way to evaluate a company is to look at its size. Each year the National A...
Praveen Nair
How to Compare Auto Insurance Companies (Money)
Many advertisements are aimed at getting people to compare auto insurance coverage only on the basis of premium cost. However, it is important also to review the coverage on the basis of what is cover...
Praveen Nair
Is There Value to Having Multiple Insurance Companies? (Money)
The short answer is yes, it may be good to have insurance with more than one company.If you are eligible for insurance coverage under an affinity plan such as a plan that is only available to empl...
Praveen Nair

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