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Seattle's Biggest HALLoWEEN Party ! (General)
Halloween is near ..lets start planning. We all love attending Halloween parties, Don''''t we??brbrSeattle offers you a wide range of options to choose from. I enjoy dancing to Bollywood music and...
Ananya Kiran
Halloween Shopping ! ()
Its always fun to dress up and pretend to be someone else on Halloween.brIf for a day you could become someone else, WHO would you be ???brI am sharing few pictures of our Halloween shopping !br...
Ananya Kiran
Move over, humans, the robocars are coming (Career)
My prediction is that in fewerthan 15 years, we will be debating whether human beings should be allowed to drive on highways. After all, we are prone to road rage; rush headlong into traffic jams; break rules; get distracted; and crash into each other. That is why our automobiles need tank-like bumper bars and military-grade […]...
Vivek Wadhwa
Dealing with Being #2 in Your Job Search! (Career)
During a job search it is hard to predict how the process is going to play out. There are so many variables in a job search that it is difficult to control or predict what factors create which outcome in that process. But, many of my clients call me when......
Dilip Saraf
Visa Guru Charlie Oppenheim Agrees There Are Unused Visas (Immigration)
As many of my readers will know, over the summer there was much discussion about whether there were unused visas and whethey they could be recaptured. Various newspapers had reported about 200,000 visas remain unused. The recaputuring of those visas would reduce the severe visa backlog. Here is my article: Unused Visas- To Recapture or […] Tahmina Watson
Getting Yourself a Raise! (Career)
  Comments made by Microsofts Satya Nadella about how women in the workplace should deal with their pay raise exploded into the media world and the blogosphere because of their sheer fatuousness! His thoughtless comments, though, spoke the truth as Satya himself saw it. Interestingly, Satya in Sanskrit means truth!......
Dilip Saraf
Obama Executive Action on H1b Visas? (Immigration)
There is much ado today and in the last couple of days in the news that President Obama will change H1b visa rules to help keep talented skilled-immigrants in the US. Here is a link to such a story from the International Business Times. I don’t want my readers to get too excited. Obama cannot […] Tahmina Watson
Dandiya Seattle 2014 (General)
Hello friends !brbrI hope you all enjoyed your weekend as much as I did :)brToday am posting pictures which were randomly clicked at Dandiya Festival with my dear friends br...
Ananya Kiran
GOLU- The festival of Dolls ! (General)
GOLU is a festival of dolls. I was invited by Mala Veeraraghavan to attend GOLU festival at her place.brbrIt was a lavish decoration of different kinds of dolls all arranged according to a theme...
Ananya Kiran
MSNBC: Why women entrepreneurs are the future of tech (Career)
The world has many problems to solve. Billions live without reliable energy and lack adequate access to water, healthcare, and education. More people die from lack of clean water than from war. Our food system, the primary source of income for billions, must grow to meet the needs of another two billion people. Poverty is […]...
Vivek Wadhwa
Silly Apps Arent the Future of Tech (Career)
Thecontendersin the 2014 TechCrunch Disrupt included a startup that seeks to change the way in which diseases are diagnosed, a medical-grade health scanner, a platform to connect innovators with scientists and a suite of business-intelligence tools for conservation and drought planning. Sadly, the winner was a simple app for the elite: Alfred Club. This allows […]...
Vivek Wadhwa
The glaring gender dilemma Silicon Valley venture capitalists are hiding from (Career)
The dominoes are falling in Silicon Valley: technology companies releasing their diversity data, apologizing for the sins of the past, and promising to do better. I know from my meetings with executives of Google and Facebook that they are dead serious; that this isn’t just a marketing campaign. They are looking into the sources of […]...
Vivek Wadhwa
November 2014 Visa Bulletin Commentary (Immigration)
TheNovember 2014 visa bulletin was released today. Here is what my readers are looking for: For all countries except India, China, Philippines, and Mexico:F2A category advances 29 days taking the priority date to 1 March 2013;F2B preference advances 62 days with PD at 1 January 2008; F4 category advances 18 days taking PD to 8 […] Tahmina Watson
Few days back, I and Mr. R were driving home after attending an event (the event was disappointing and totally didn''t match up the expectations so I won''t mention which one it was). We thought of st...
Ananya Kiran
American Accent Training: Is it for You? (Career)
You have spoken English for many years. With people who know you, there doesn’t seem to be any issue with being understood. But you meet someone new, or speak with someone over the phone, and...
Christine Dunbar

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