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Contributed by : Monika Dua

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Do you know each one of us is enough? We are a complete life in our self. However un aware of this truth we look upto outside world for any of ours emotional satisfaction like happiness, friendship, love, affection, motivation etc.
The fact is, quality of our relationships define the quality of our Life. And the most beautiful and important relationship we all have on this earth is the relationship with our self. But the irony of our life is that we give least preference to this relationship and have started looking at outside world to fulfill our emotional desires. Actually seeking support from outside world is the replica of our dissatisfaction from ourselves.
Many of us don't like to be alone and want some company but cannot find a friend, lover or well wisher. Have you ever thought that when we are alone whom company are we with? It is ours, so if we don't like to be alone that means we don't like our own company. So if you yourself don't like your company then how can you expect others to seek or enjoy our company?
Let us redefine the rules of our life and learn to implement the fact that I AM Enough:-
a)To start with you have to become your best friend and learn to talk to yourself.

b)Stand in front of a mirror and appreciate your qualities. Admire and love yourself.
c)Accept your limitations, mistakes and shortcomings.
d)Identify your achievements and pat your back and motivate yourself in case of any failure.
e)Chant the positive affirmation about yourself like You are happy, You are nice, You are loving etc.
f)Imagine that you already possess all those good qualities which you seek from outside world.

To implement above, first we have to constantly monitor our thoughts. We have to forcefully direct ourselves towards inside. And to ensure a success you have to understand that you are the master of your body and mind. They have to work according to your instructions not vice versa.
Note, if we are facing an emotional challenge then it is confirmed that there is some dissatisfaction within. In that case divert your attentions towards within and considered this as an opportunity to explore the spiritual side of you instead of going into depression or feeling dissatisfy.
Please note not only you but everyone in this world is the seeker of Love, affection, friendship, motivation and guidance. Two seekers cannot complete each other. Instead of seeking if you will attain the position of giver then you will find that whole world is seeking you. Because you are complete from within. And everyone is looking for completeness.
It is easier said than done. But don't forget implementation is the key.
After all I am enough and capable of doing everything. As much capable that I can create my own destiny.
Stay in Satsang to remind yourself that you are enough!!!
Wishing you a happy YOU!!!!


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