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How do we recognize a person as Sugar patient?

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Contributed by : Saha Nathan
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God has given a check point for all cells in terms of sugar consumption. A cell does not consume sugar until it gets a certificate from Pancreas (Pancreas does two jobs: To segregate insulin from blood and to segregate digestion liquid) which is nothing but insulin.

If the blood has more good sugar then Pancreas converts blood sugar into glycogen.  For example 1000 good sugar = 1 Glycogen. That glycogen gets stored in our muscles

In another type of a cycle if the sugar is not good in your body then the Lungs will take that as a waste and send it to kidney and it comes out as Urine. ANYTHING WHICH GOES OUT AS URINE, IS A WASTE ONLY..

When the sugar level goes down ,the Pituitary gland secrete ACTH liquid and that ACTH liquid will ask Adrenal gland to balance the sugar level. Adrenal gland will convert the stored glycogen <in muscles> and bring the required sugar into the bloodstream.

Note: Adrenal gland does two jobs to maintain sugar and salt level

In case Pancreas does not find any glycogen in our muscles then it will not supply any sugar to our blood.

In this situation one will fall unconscious. If you go and see the doctor ,he will diagnose that you have sugar. The doctor starts giving medicine to you to request your pancreas to segregate insulin and over a period of time, the tablets will lose its power then you will start using insulin injections. But this is not the right approach. In fact this is root cause of the all problems.

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    How do we recognize a person as Sugar patient?
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