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Newbie Guide to Seattle

It can be daunting to move to a new city but if you are coming to US for the first then it is even more nerve wrecking.
To help you ease into US and Seattle area life we have created this page with quick links to help you guide through everything that you will need.
If we are missing any information then please feel free to email us at

Getting from Airport to the Seattle and nearby cities

  • Taxi and Limousines are the best way to get from airport to any suburbs that you are trying to get to. Taxi fare can range from $20-$100 depending on how far are you going. It is advisable to contact one of the advertisers listed here because you are likely to get a better rate. Feel free to mention SeattleIndian
  • Buses are another option but you will have to get one from the International Blvd. next to the airport and might take a lot longer.
  • Airport shuttle is yet another option. Shuttle might be faster than bus but slower than taxi.

Finding a place to stay
  • You can find temporary or permanent place to live by searching or placing a classified ad in under Roommates and Rentals category.
  • We also have a list of Apartment in and around Seattle area in the business listing sections. International Blvd. next to the airport and might take a lot longer.

Food and Dining


  • Just because you are in US does not mean that we don't have Temples, Mosques, Gurudwaras etc. Check out our listing of Places of worship.

Staying in touch with Indian culture and keeping the Indian in you alive

  • Join one or few of the associations listed in our Indian Associations listings in yellow pages.
  • We have several events every month. You can find the complete listing under Events section.

Trip back to India

  • A year or two from now you will feel homesick and would like to get back home. also has a list of many travel agents that will help you get a ticket at a very reasonable price.


Have more questions? Well there are three places that you should try

  • Business List - It lists pretty much anything that you will need from your first day to your last day in Seattle.
  • Discussions - For past 4 years Seattle Indians have answered each others questions on various topics and I am sure you will either find an answer that will help you or you can just simply start a topic and ask your question.
  • Classifieds - Finding a roommate, finding a used bed, cycle is as easy as browsing the classified section.