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Our Ports are the paths to a solid Infrastructure: Preeti Shridhar

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Contributed by : Vasudha Sharma

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Our Ports are the paths to a solid Infrastructure: Preeti Shridhar

To be a leader is to live in a way that exuberates positivity and growth in your life and the lives of those around you. Being a leader is a lifestyle, a trait that subconsciously becomes a part of you says Preeti Shridhar. Preeti is a 25-year resident of King County and long-time public servant, she jumped into the race for Port Commission recently, promising to represent all of the people of King County. I will ensure that our regional economy remains strong and the Port continues to lead in the aviation, maritime, and tourism industries, says Shridhar. Our region's working class must be protected while we develop career pathways for young people and recent arrivals to create an economy that works for everyone.
A former communications director at city of Renton, Shridhar is currently the city of Renton's deputy public affairs administrator. Shridhar boasts a decade of experience working with South King County cities, businesses and community organizations. Previously she worked for the City of Seattle where she helped launch Seattle's Climate Protection Initiative and coordinated the Seattle visit of former Vice President Al Gore and his presentation An Inconvenient Truth. If elected, she said she would be the first woman of color to serve on the Port Commission in its 106-year history. I recently had an opportunity to interact with her and talk about her prospective plans as he embarks this race.

Q: How do you define your candidacy in the race for commissioner of Port of Seattle?

A: I am the grassroots candidate, an immigrant, advocate for diversity and inclusion, public servant, and the most qualified candidate.

Q: What area you will like to strengthen as a Commissioner of Port?

A: I vow to improve accountability, which has been an issue at the Port of Seattle over recent past after a string of financial and political controversies.
I will make sure that the Port's decisions are transparent and balanced in the best interest of all King County.

Preeti Shridhar is by far the most promising candidate I have come across for the post of Commissioner of Port of Seattle. She is fearless when it comes to changing the game and trying new things. Her level of tenacity is only matched by her level of passion, and throughout it all, she maintains a solid sense of Dedication.
She motivates the rest of the community to push on and emerge as voices of change. However, singlehandedly doing it with just skills and making a name for herself is not easy. She will need all our support and participation. Let's support Preeti Shridhar to win the race!

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