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Yearly Horoscope- 2017

By Pandit Parashar

ARIES (March 21 to April 20): Saturn's moving away from enemy camp to a neutral zone, in Sagittarius on January 22nd will bring relief in a very big way. Hardships of past will disappear overnight. People struggling in career or working part time will find very nice job which may last for several years. Saturn in ninth which happens to be the house of luck as well as religion will bring drastic change in life, snatching you away from all fears created by religion to a more free and fearless soul leading a spiritual life. Saturn being the lord of house of career as well as house of gains in house of luck , will improve your financial conditions. People connected with hardware, mines , metals , oil industry or advance technology and in service to others industry will benefit most. Things will even get better or to the peak when Jupiter moves into seventh on September 12th. Little caution is advised in between June 21st and October 10th when Saturn becomes retrograde and moves back in eight, probably causing some health and financial troubles. Initially you will have to observe the jolt but Jupiter in seventh after September 12th will bring things under firm control. Your concerns and fears about a child will be over in August once Ketu move out of fifth. Jupiter will bring better luck and improve living conditions but may start to give some health trouble to spouse and immediate attention will help prevent major complications later. Money wise January 22nd to May 28th and then from July 11th to end of August and then from November and onward is favorable. Strongest possibility of a marriage this year if you are single. People having multiple locations may dispose off most of them and focus on one to have more peace of mind.In all respect this will be a far better than previous 3 years for you.

TAURUS (April 21 to May 20): Jupiter's presence in fifth until September 12th can curtail the happiness from children or may not allow another or any addition in the family, no matter how hard you try. Just seek the blessings of elders which will also help at a later date. You will become more wise and gain self control and start analyzing every situation before taking the decision with cool and rational mind. Once Saturn moves into eighth in neutral zone , relief will come in strange way. Families staying separate because of work, will be together for many years. Travels will reduce a lot and many of you may find nice job very close to home. Saturn in the mysterious house eighth will help people involved in research and development and working in very risky field and people dealing with life and death like health insurance and emergency rooms. You may also inherit some wealth or get large sum of money through a law suit in next couple of years with the help of this Saturn. There is a big financial growth indicated after September 12th. Some of you may diversify and get into a new business with the help of an older person. Lots of uncertainty of the past in career will disappear in first couple of weeks of 2017. April 23rd to May 28th is not good for health and you may find yourself in financial crunch or dealing with a big loan process in between May 28th and July 11th. Jupiter's presence in fifth till September is vary favorable for students and those seeking to enter specialized field like medicine. You will have to take off from work for little time to entertain some visitors mostly friends or distant relatives from overseas this summer. Investing in a property this summer will be a better idea. Spouse's health and relationship with friends will improve this year.

Gemini ( May 21 to June 20): Things will start getting better all of a sudden once the lord of house of luck, Saturn moves into seventh house on January 22nd. Jupiter in the fourth will still continue to make even the smallest goals, hard to achieve in first shot and most of the time you will feel helpless and continue to settle for less. It will be hard to please boss no matter how much heart and soul and labor you put in. There could be some problem with the home you live in. You may need to change your strategy after January. Just don't be double minded and take actions. Sitting and waiting for things to happen is not going to help. The point is that you will need to get out of home on time and be at the destination on time. If you will be late the opportunity will slip out of your hands. Now again in between June 21st and October 10th, you will have many chances to come ahead of competition. You will develop some method to gain an edge and come out a winner in a highly competitive exam. There will be a dream come true opportunity after Sept 12th in career and you will move to a completely different level and continue to climb the ladder for next few years. Some of you finally find a great deal on a house with lots of greenery around and move towards the end of summer. Saturn's transit will also help spouse make steady progress in career. Now you need to watch out for your lower back. Use proper technique to lift things or this Saturn may cause temporary or permanent injury or weakness to lower back. Money wise you will do very well this year. It will be a better year if you in between 34 and 38 of age. You will be helping a child with admission or moving away after September. Right help and guidance from an elderly person will make this switch smooth. People in franchise business will add few more locations. This year will be a remarkable and memorable for changes in career.

CANCER (June 21 to July 22): Saturn's transit in sixth from January 22nd will remove all stress about a child and you will be able to plan things in a better way. Settlement in ongoing legal matters is imminent though the actual money may take few more weeks to come. On the other hand Mars transit in house of luck will add to positive trend for next several months. There will be many positive changes in career. Better job with less stress and better pay is a strong possibility before May 28th. February is the month when you will finally find resolution to an important issue involving a child and the stress of past 2 1/2 years will disappear overnight. Jupiter will continue to shower his blessings from third before moving into fourth house on September 12th. Most probably you will buy and move into a better and bigger home at that time. You will be working in a highly competitive environment but at a leading position. Some of you may start winding up some of your operations in order to make life easier after making a calculations about your needs versus stress. You will make very good friend and receive blessings of an older and holy person. You may also take a pleasure trip across the water or go on a cruise trip with immediate family and close relatives. You should keep your eyes and ears open in the month of July. As the opportunity will come like a tornado and if you grab the opportunity, it will take you to a different destination like a whirlwind in very short period. Rahu in August will bring tremendous change in your personality and you will get rid of some ungrateful or people who betrayed you from your phone book, though they will try to make a futile attempt to come back in your life pleading innocent.

LEO (July 23 to August 22): Saturn's transit in fifth starting January 22nd will be better. You will be relieved of lots of stress of past 2 1/2 years. Peace of mind will be restored and you will start finding solutions to problems or hurdles chasing you especially in last year. Children will do better and if were waiting to get married, it will happen this year. You may also find some suitable partners for your business venture. People already in business will expand by buying more locations. Still till July it will be like a roller coaster ride but if you maintain a tough attitude, you will be winner. Now after July you will meet someone who will motivate and guide you and suddenly you will become very ambitious and try your hands in different directions. Results will be all positive and before the year ends, you will have no regrets. There is a strong chance of having another member added to family in August. You will still have to watch out and maintain a safe distance from someone tall and dark in color. Jupiter's transit in third from September 12 will be beneficial and allow you to grow financially. Expenses will reduce a lot and you will see more money in the bank at the end of year. On the other hand planet Mars will continue to occupy good houses, providing with the stamina and courage to go after your goals. There is a strong chance that you may come across a nice property deal and jump onto it in the month of August. You still have to watch out for fine lines when signing any important paper this year. Transiting Jupiter in third will help more to people in sales , teaching and communication industry. Saturn and enemy of your sign transiting fifth may start giving some trouble in stomach region and if you are not careful it could lead to some kind of surgery even.

VIRGO (August 23 to September 22):  Saturn will move in fourth house on January 22nd. If you are ready to move, you can make it a better year otherwise transiting Saturn will just take away your peace of mind. Jupiter in your sign will continue to provide you with some protection especially till September. Money wise you will continue to do well as Venus will transit favorable places for most of the time. The progress will be slow and gradual this year. People looking for ideal partners for their project will be successful in finding one in the month of February. Transiting Saturn in fourth may temp you to buy a run down business or a fixer upper property. Just don't do it. Throughout the year you will need lots of self control. Temptation to make quick money and company of a known trouble maker could get you in trouble. Some of you may accept an assignment in April in the direction West and move with rest of the family following later. Jupiter's transit in second after September 12th will bring financial prosperity and the money may pour in from more than one source. Jupiter this year will cause expansion in life and one of them is that you will have to keep on your diet and quantity otherwise will end up putting up weight. People looking for an expansion in the family, there can be no better favorable transit. Money wise April, June and time after September is good. You will need be extra careful with health in between October 13th and November 22nd when Mars will transit your sign. Transiting Mars can cause high blood pressure problem and may even inflict non fatal injury on the body. It will be a better year for people in consulting , teaching , banking or food business. Just stay away from wrong crowd, drive carefully and stay focused on your targets and the year can pass by comfortably.

LIBRA (September 23 to October 22): Saturn, a big favorable planet will move into third house on January 22nd and as long as it will be there , life will keep getting better every day and at a fast pace. All positive things will take place a ll of a sudden, unexpected and in a dramatic way. Any legal matters initiated in previous years, will get resolved in your favor and the gains could be larger than expected. Some of you may be offered very lucrative opportunity away from home and it will be better to grab them. Saturn in third will give you the wisdom and courage to go for the Gold and even help you achieve your goals, professional or personal very easily. It will really help you in all legal matters and will enhance your fate and fortunes this year. Saturn leaving the second house which belong to its bitter enemy Mars is better for finances too. On the other hand Jupiter in house of expense will make you spend more money on children and immediate family , but all on noble reason till September 12th. Now Jupiter's transit in your sign from September and onward could be slightly tricky for health. You may develop some complications which modern medication may not be able to cure, only losing weight and change of diet will. Jupiter's transit will make you wise and teach you to take all decisions with a cool and rational mind. You will be making some long term plans and implement them quickly and at the same time may invest in a big rental property. An addition in the family is also possible during this transit and you may find a very suitable match for one of your marriageable child. Time from September and onward is more favorable to people working as independent contractors or consultants or in medical field. You will travel more frequently this year and may also go on an vacation to far off places towards the end of 2017.

Scorpio ( October 23 to November 22): Saturn will move away from your sign in a neutral camp on January 22nd. This will bring much relief in life. Stress will come down or kind of disappear completely. Health issues if any in the past, will get cured with new medication and some of you start to feel strong enough and stop taking unnecessary medication. Family support will play a big hand in getting you out of the trap or a dark hole. Hard work and past efforts will start to pay off in better way and some of you working and barely meeting your expenses will find great opportunity, again lifting your self esteem and morale. Saturn's transit in second or house of finances will be a blessings. You will start to appreciate the value of money and make sure the money is going in the right direction before it leaves your hand. By the end of year you will probably for the first time, see lots of savings. You may expect some money through legal channel also. This Saturn will help people in business learn ways to dodge taxes and help them accumulate undeclared wealth. Jupiter on the other hand will stay in house of gains till September and shower his blessings on family. Children will continue to do better and you will receive full support from spouse this year. You will observe a big change in the personality of life partner. More peace at home and less trouble from children. You will definitely change or buy another vehicle around May or June. Now Jupiter's transit from September and onward will increase your expenses on children all of a sudden. Probably they will move to better school or start college. And of course money could go towards engagement or marriage of a child. It will be a better year for people connected with health industry , surgeons,dentists and people in accounting. January 14th and onward is the most favorable time to change career. There will be some very positive changes in career in the month of April or May. Just remember it was Saturn who was creating confusions in the past not allow you to see things clear, It's over.

SAGITTARIUS (November 23 to December 22): Saturn will move in your sign on January 22nd in a neutral camp. Stress started in the past couple of years will still haunt you but on a diminished scale. And this could be the beginning of a hard and challenging life for you. Relaxing time will be over but the good thing is that rewards will be better than expectations and prove to be a blessing for health also. You will be able to shed some weight without going to any gym and see sugar level and blood pressure problems reducing quickly. You will become far sighted and plan things carefully this time. You will become very organized and have better control over money. Fighting spirit will continue to steer you in the right direction and make things slightly easier to achieve. Now Jupiter's transit in house of career after September will cause some turbulence. Either the working conditions will get tough because of some drastic changes in management or you will get bored with stagnant life and start looking around for a change. Luck will be definitely on your side for several months after February 14 when Sun moves into Aquarius. It will once again give you the Midas touch and help accomplish your goals. Strong Sun may also help you get an important clearance from Government before May 15th. Some one younger will be very helpful and may even offer to start a new venture in partnership , and it will not be a bad idea. There is a strong chance of addition of another member in the family by September. Frequency and number of travels will increase this year and you may even travel overseas this summer.

CAPRICORN (December 22 to January 19): Saturn will transit twelfth house this year making it slightly slow year for you. Whatever goes wrong or may not happen, will be due to lack of confidence and concentration. Money wise since Saturn will aspect second from twelfth house, you will have absolutely no problems. The only thing is the rapid growth and expansion you had been going through for quite some time, will slow down all of sudden. This year some of you may go through changes in career several times. In Jan, Feb or March you may be offered an opportunity during the course of a trip. From April 4th to May 19th, another job or opportunity may be offered when you are attending a social event with some friends or even relatives. Third time the opportunity may come from within company itself before June 13th. The big question is you will have to stay focused when grabbing any one of them other wise they may turn out a lot lower than your expectations and this applies on people in business too. Month of January is critical for finances as transiting Mars may take you under heavy debts. You will need lots of patience at home in Month of February as small small things could lead to big arguments at home. July and August are again critical for married people as transiting Mars in seventh may try to cause damage if your are not extremely careful and avoid arguments with partners, domestic or business. again it's the self restraint and focus on real issue that can help you survive these situations. Transit of Jupiter in tenth after September will cause so much frustration that you may feel like just quitting your job and feel like staying home. Don't do it and hang in there as long as you can, things will change for betterment on end of November. In all it's gonna be a tricky year for career, just don't loose confidence.

AQUARIUS (January 20 to February 18): Saturn will move in house of gains on January 22nd. Jupiter will continue to occupy eighth till September. Money wise you will do better this year and may come across several opportunities to expand or make extra money. All you will need to do is recognize and grab the opportunity. Venus a strong factor will continue to occupy strong houses till end of August , giving you lucky breaks here and there to make money and have progress in career at the same time. People in business having hard time to find the right associates will be successful in finding few starting February and onward. Spouse may continue to have some health issues, not life threatening but slightly difficult to resolve with modern medication.change of diet and little exercise will resolve the problem. There is a strong chance that you will purchase a nice home between June 29th and August 26th or may add another vehicle. Some of you may even have another member added to the family in the month of September. Expect some good opportunity in career after September 10 and especially one in the month of November for sure. Jupiter's transit in ninth after September will bring relief to spouse in the way off freedom and cure from any past ailments. It will also resolve some issues with business partners. You may also recover most part of long overdue money after September. You may hit some kind of financial jackpot between October 22nd and November 20th in 2017. People connected with advance technology, hardware, airlines, real estate especially dealing in barren land and oil industry will benefit the most from Saturn's transit in eleventh. It is going to a more relaxing year as lots of your work will be shared by able and competent associates.

PISCES (February 19 to March 20): Saturn will move in house of career on January 22nd. Jupiter will continue to occupy seventh till September before moving into eighth. Saturn's transit in tenth is very favorable for all career related matters. It will make you professionally strong and bring long term stability in career. The position you had been waiting for and really deserved will be offered to you on a silver platter with enhanced benefits and easy terms. This Saturn will help you get things resolved with government agencies also and may help people with political aspirations , trying to grab a position in government. Justice you deserved in legal matters, will be served in your favor but without much financial gains. More of a moral victory. Jupiter on the other hand will keep protecting you from getting into mess from time to time, though the temptations you will come across will be hard to ignore or turn down. Your expenses will increase and so will be income in 2017, but you will get to enjoy life more this year and may travel to places you had on hold for past several years. Money wise month February, May and July are favorable. June is the right time to make the offer on a property in slightly warmer area. You will be spending lots of money in month of May and probably got for the quality and expensive items this time for the home. You may travel to a nice place with family towards the end of July for few weeks. You will also make some very useful connection who will immediately become helpful. Some of you already in business, will expand your horizons. Spouse can get better with change of diet and exercises or Homeopathic medicines. You will have absolutely no difficulty in obtaining couple of big loans during the year. Any legal problem during the year, will get solved very quickly. You will have better control over your finances in 2017.

Pandit Parashar