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Please note Band Vaaje (Punjabi) Movie occurred in past.

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Band Vaaje (Punjabi) Movie

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Band Vaaje (Punjabi) Movie by Century Federal Way in Federal Way

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Event Information: Band Vaaje (Punjabi) Movie by Century Federal Way

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Band Vaaje
Inder who lives in London with his elder brother, Jeet, sister in law and his niece, but the show is run by their grandmother. Despite the fact that Grandmother loves them all, she is strict, no-nonsense and a task master. Her desire to marry Inder to nice Indian girl is made stronger by the presence of Pakistanis around her who, she feels, are always creating nuisance and playing loud music. Her dislike for Pakistanis is so intense that when she goes about finding a girl for Inder, any hint of a Pakistani connection would make her cancel the rishta. Inder is happy to have the freedom to choose a bride for himself and with his friend, Kashmir, who runs a marriage bureau, sets out to do so. He meets Bilkis and develops an instant liking for her and sets out to woo her, not realizing that Bilkis, even though she lives with Indians in their house, is actually a Pakistani. Cupid had struck Inder, and thus begins Inder's struggle to get married to Bilkis without his family knowing that she was not an Indian, but worst … that she was actually a Pakistani. Inder prays that all goes well, but will their love triumph over Grandmother's hate?

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