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Please note Race 3 (Hindi) Movie occurred in past.

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Race 3 (Hindi) Movie

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Race 3 (Hindi) Movie by Regal Parkway Plaza Stadium 12 in Tukwila

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Event Information: Race 3 (Hindi) Movie by Regal Parkway Plaza Stadium 12

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Race 3
Race 3 is an internationally mounted saga of a family that deals in borderline crime but is ruthless and vindictive to the core. A world with twists and turns at every nook and corner, which will take the audience by surprise with its sheer unpredictability. When Shamsher (Anil Kapoor) entrusts Sikandar (Salman Khan) with a high stakes heist along with the family for support, what could possibly go wrong? Well... We discover everyone's real character as they change with a blink of an eye. We discover that nothing is as it seems. We discover a family on the verge of self-destruction - or is it a ploy by some outsiders. In top gear all the way... Race 3 rushes towards a high octane climax with betrayals, fast guns, fast cars and sleek action never seen before on the Indian screen. Action and drama that leads to a shocking twist in the climax that takes your breath away. Because.... Sikandar's got this one"!!

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Race 3 (Hindi) Movie Occured in past

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