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Friends...[View Complete Thread] Sandhya K. Women Only 9/8/2019
skype online tutions...[View Complete Thread] smitha g. Housing/School Community 3/16/2019
Moving to Seattle...[View Complete Thread] Noufal E. Housing/School Community 12/23/2018
Play dates for 3-4 years old kids...[View Complete Thread] Shruti P. General 11/24/2018
School and housing information...[View Complete Thread] Ganesh R. Housing/School Community 11/6/2018
Seattle Job Market...[View Complete Thread] Bhaskar A. General 5/23/2018
Searching dance class...[View Complete Thread] Shraddha U. General 4/23/2018
In need of H1B Sponsers ...[View Complete Thread] Bhavya  J. Immigration 3/19/2018
Signature Pointe Apartments...[View Complete Thread] Venkat K. Housing/School Community 3/12/2018
Looking for gujarati friendship...[View Complete Thread] Jetal B. Women Only 8/15/2017
How can I work in IT based on H4 visa ...[View Complete Thread] Payal M. General 6/19/2017
Play date for 4 years old kid...[View Complete Thread] pretty s. PlayGroups 4/14/2017
I am on H4 - EAD looking for any job (Preference - IT)...[View Complete Thread] Devi S. General 3/2/2017
Playdate in Sammamish ...[View Complete Thread] Murli  S. Kids 1/27/2017
Schools for 3 years old near Crossroads...[View Complete Thread] nana s. General 1/16/2017
play date...[View Complete Thread] play l. Kids 1/4/2017
Learn and play together...[View Complete Thread] play l. PlayGroups 12/21/2016
Parents visiting Seattle and Vancouver...[View Complete Thread] Puja P. Travel 11/17/2016
Queen Anne ladies??...[View Complete Thread] Nivedita A. General 9/22/2016
What to do with very old text books?...[View Complete Thread] Arun R. General 8/14/2016
School / college tuition...[View Complete Thread] Pooja P. General 7/6/2016
9200 Redmond Place - Indian community and Kids...[View Complete Thread] Vamsi Krishna M. Housing/School Community 5/1/2016
Kindergarten in Bothell...[View Complete Thread] Rakuma R. General 3/4/2016
Looking for H1b Sponsorship...[View Complete Thread] Neetu S. General 11/30/2015
Looking for company for 3rd Grader...[View Complete Thread] Arpana J. Kids 8/17/2015
playdate...[View Complete Thread] Asvini K. General 8/14/2015
Where to buy home...[View Complete Thread] Amit k. Housing/School Community 8/6/2015
Job for Dependent Wife with L2 Visa...[View Complete Thread] Ganesh B. Immigration 7/30/2015
Looking for H1-B transfer and new job as soon as possible...[View Complete Thread] Harsh B. Immigration 7/19/2015
Moving to Seattle Good School area...[View Complete Thread] Ramesh K. Housing/School Community 6/24/2015
cricket coachingand music schools for children...[View Complete Thread] KAMAYNI S. PlayGroups 6/21/2015
Suggestion for apartments with children play area...[View Complete Thread] Shalini N. Housing/School Community 5/5/2015
Suggestion for Apartment in Seattle...[View Complete Thread] prashanth B. General 4/25/2015
Green Card Sponsorship...[View Complete Thread] Paritosh F. Immigration 2/4/2015
Currently on H4 visa looking for volunteering opportunities...[View Complete Thread] R R. General 1/25/2015
Need assistance on Desi Consultancies - Training and Placement...[View Complete Thread] NAGAREDDI S. General 1/11/2015
Need help for IT placement consultancies...[View Complete Thread] saranya lakshmi m. General 1/7/2015
Career shift ti IT...[View Complete Thread] vrishali p. General 10/14/2014
Preschoolers meet in Nortthgate...[View Complete Thread] Ruchi G. Kids 9/10/2014
Any volunteer jobs available for software development...[View Complete Thread] gokula k. General 7/28/2014
Public school suggestions for 4 years old Child - Redmond/Bellevue...[View Complete Thread] Hemanth k. Kids 7/21/2014
Pre School near Mill Creek/Bothell Area...[View Complete Thread] Hardeep  K. General 7/18/2014
chandlers Bay Apartments in Kent...[View Complete Thread] love s. Housing/School Community 6/29/2014
Want to work from home...[View Complete Thread] Shikha S. Housing/School Community 6/19/2014
schooling fir my kids...[View Complete Thread] sunita m. Housing/School Community 5/20/2014
Play group...[View Complete Thread] ritu  s. Books/Study Groups 3/13/2014
H4 visa to H1 visa sponsoring Consultancy...[View Complete Thread] Aishwarya I. Immigration 3/6/2014
Swimming classes in kirkland...[View Complete Thread] Khushbu K. Kids 3/3/2014
Anyone Interested in Playdate???...[View Complete Thread] Nidhi G. General 1/17/2014
Play group ...[View Complete Thread] priya s. PlayGroups 1/15/2014
Looking for HR/front office/Administrative job...[View Complete Thread] HR P. Women Only 1/8/2014
Jai Ho! Bollywood Masquerade - Pre New Years Eve Party - DJ Prashant...[View Complete Thread] Agannya G. Events 12/27/2013
Vitamin D deficiency among Indians...[View Complete Thread] Neeraj S. Beauty/Health & Lifestyle 12/24/2013
Rejected Visitor Visa...[View Complete Thread] S A. Immigration 11/17/2013
H1B Visa sponcership for 2014...[View Complete Thread] Syam N. Immigration 11/15/2013
H1B Visa consultants in Chennai...[View Complete Thread] Syam N. Immigration 11/15/2013
H1 sponsorship consultants - Want to Re-activate my H1...[View Complete Thread] P J. Books/Study Groups 8/19/2013
Can anyone teach Hindi?...[View Complete Thread] Hannah M. General 6/5/2013
Microbiology ...[View Complete Thread] Jaya N. General 4/1/2013
Need H1B Sponsership /Consultant in hyderabad,INDIA...[View Complete Thread] Pavan K. Immigration 2/23/2013
Volunteer job in Finance ...[View Complete Thread] scorpio s. General 2/15/2013
H4 to H1B Transfer...[View Complete Thread] GHAZALA Y. General 1/16/2013
Getting job in US...[View Complete Thread] Amitha S. General 1/9/2013
Looking for Hindi conversation partner...[View Complete Thread] Hannah M. General 12/26/2012
need some suggestions, on H4...[View Complete Thread] Suchithra A. General 12/24/2012
Looking for job...[View Complete Thread] Sri n. General 12/18/2012
I am currently on H4 visa and looking for visa options that would enable me to take up a job. I have my B.Com and PGDBM degree....[View Complete Thread] Mythri S. Immigration 11/7/2012
getting back to the roots!...[View Complete Thread] Kunal S. General 10/20/2012
Which Mandir is best - Kent or Maple Valley?...[View Complete Thread] andy o. General 8/31/2012
Want to start Play goup in bellevue...[View Complete Thread] hetal m. General 7/23/2012
Hi...[View Complete Thread] southie i. General 3/8/2012
Looking for playgroups that meet during the weekends...[View Complete Thread] Aruna V. General 2/22/2012
Residential area and School...[View Complete Thread] SAI M. General 2/11/2012
Administrative Job.o...[View Complete Thread] pinky h. General 12/21/2011
share happiness...[View Complete Thread] Rima A. General 12/15/2011
Creating Cashflow ...[View Complete Thread] juli b. General 11/21/2011
Indian men and American women?...[View Complete Thread] Jezebel G. General 11/21/2011
cost of living against net take home pay in seattle...[View Complete Thread] Sunil Kumar G. General 11/21/2011
Looking for a Clerical/Administrative/Recruiting/HR Job...[View Complete Thread] Sangeeta K. General 11/16/2011
Relationship Counseling...[View Complete Thread] Saha N. General 8/29/2011
Universities in Washington Without GRE Score...[View Complete Thread] Sindhuri G. General 8/18/2011
Prayer to conceive...[View Complete Thread] Payal A. Women Only 8/12/2011
Need Help for True Love...[View Complete Thread] Yvonne C. Immigration 6/29/2011
Someone needs DishNetwork??...[View Complete Thread] Astha B. General 5/3/2011
GMAT study Partner...[View Complete Thread] P J. General 4/3/2011
Home Day Care...[View Complete Thread] m j. PlayGroups 3/15/2011
Anyone who can repair Indian mixie...[View Complete Thread] Vidhu N. General 2/4/2011
Toddler sports in Redmond Ridge...[View Complete Thread] Anil B. PlayGroups 1/29/2011
Families with Kids...[View Complete Thread] m11 g. PlayGroups 12/10/2010
Any Hindi Speakers want to improve their English? Or, actually.......[View Complete Thread] Hannah M. General 8/9/2010
Need a companion/Partner in USA or any European Country...[View Complete Thread] abraham a. Immigration 8/1/2010
Toddler Playdates...[View Complete Thread] Rashmi R. General 7/5/2010
Playgroup for 2-3 years on 140th Ave. Bellevue...[View Complete Thread] indian b. General 4/29/2010
looking for volunteer jobs in IT fielda...[View Complete Thread] sarita n. General 4/29/2010
Looking for Hindi tutor...[View Complete Thread] Hannah M. General 3/12/2010
Looking for travel companion (SEA to BLR via Lufthansa) on March 12thy ...[View Complete Thread] Raj R. Travel 2/9/2010
guide us in getting accounting job...[View Complete Thread] sundaram s. General 2/3/2010
Can anyone help me find a consultant to file my H1b for Gentran/EDI profile...[View Complete Thread] Priya J. General 1/19/2010
Question...[View Complete Thread] Hannah M. General 1/18/2010
Anyone looking for a room? Were near Microsoft!...[View Complete Thread] Hannah M. General 1/15/2010
Cooking help offered at your home....[View Complete Thread] shri k. General 12/9/2009
Need company for 26 month [ 2 years ]for play in oniex appartmenty l...[View Complete Thread] deepika s. Housing/School Community 12/8/2009
110V Premium Wonder grinder for Salec...[View Complete Thread] Arul T. General 8/7/2009
kindly help me...[View Complete Thread] venkat a. General 7/27/2009
Selling a 110v Meenumix wet Grinder.c...[View Complete Thread] Kalyani R. General 7/19/2009
where to buy the Indian mixer / blender...[View Complete Thread] Hotdishes K. General 6/17/2009
Music Group.c...[View Complete Thread] Suman K. General 5/4/2009
Green Card Holder Parentsd...[View Complete Thread] Chaman S. Immigration 3/27/2009
Need internship/voluntary work --- in H4...[View Complete Thread] Ayn Z. General 3/23/2009
Part time/full time job seeker...[View Complete Thread] Ron K. General 3/16/2009
Need a babysitter/nanny?...[View Complete Thread] Pia K. General 12/29/2008
Need a babysitter/nanny and a cook? c...[View Complete Thread] Pia K. General 12/20/2008
searching for gynaecologist...[View Complete Thread] jiju r. General 10/2/2008
H1B SPONSOR...[View Complete Thread] sadie s. Immigration 7/17/2008
work permit on visitor visa...[View Complete Thread] bhavri a. Immigration 7/16/2008
Any tamil ladies( over 50 Years) available for chatting in Shadow Brooke Apt?com ...[View Complete Thread] p d. General 3/29/2008
H1 B Visas...[View Complete Thread] Srini S. General 2/21/2008
Baby sitting/Nanny in Bellevue...[View Complete Thread] Sadhna K. General 2/17/2008
Child care in Bellevue(baby Sitter)...[View Complete Thread] Sadhna K. General 1/24/2008
Test Engineer Training...[View Complete Thread] Priti .. General 8/16/2007
Babysitter Available...[View Complete Thread] Srishti M. General 8/10/2007
Cmon - Theres gotta be something that a H4B can do!!!a...[View Complete Thread] Gaurav M. General 8/8/2007
Need H1 processing for Finance/Accounting/Auditing professionals ...[View Complete Thread] priya s. Immigration 12/16/2006
green card in EB2...[View Complete Thread] swathi j. Immigration 10/19/2006
Guitarist/bassist ISO musicians for Hindi band...[View Complete Thread] Tym P. General 9/14/2006
An overseas home ...[View Complete Thread] ʱÉРÖ. General 8/18/2006
Hello !!!...[View Complete Thread] Bharat N. General 6/14/2006
babysitter needed...[View Complete Thread] Rama S. General 6/1/2006
Moving to Redmond...[View Complete Thread] Nitya N. General 4/5/2006
Any Local Senior (30+) cricket team?c...[View Complete Thread] Harpaul S. General 2/22/2006
Any Local Senior (30+) cricket team?c...[View Complete Thread] Harpaul S. General 2/22/2006
need information regarding remedial course work...[View Complete Thread] kalpana c. General 11/18/2005
Citizenship Application...[View Complete Thread] Niraj K. Immigration 9/7/2005
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