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apartment...[View Complete Thread] Seema K. Housing/School Community 2/17/2020
Im looking for a money transfer service from INR to USD....[View Complete Thread] Nish B. General 1/16/2020
Suggestions for Indian/Gujju Communities in Bellevue, Redmond, Samamish for rent...[View Complete Thread] Kanu B. Housing/School Community 12/21/2019
Indian Ethnic Wear...[View Complete Thread] Yotsana T. Beauty/Health & Lifestyle 8/9/2019
Work from home...[View Complete Thread] Debapriya D. General 3/18/2019
Motorcycle riders...[View Complete Thread] Kiran G. General 4/8/2018
Moving to Bothell...[View Complete Thread] venumadhav  V. Housing/School Community 12/19/2017
Looking for Apartment in redmond...[View Complete Thread] Amit R. Housing/School Community 12/2/2017
Driving Lessons...[View Complete Thread] Shobhit S. General 10/28/2017
Need recommendations on below apartments ...[View Complete Thread] Mahi K. Housing/School Community 8/15/2017
Moving to Seattle W/ Amazon...[View Complete Thread] Nisha S. Housing/School Community 8/9/2017
Cedar Terrace Apartments...[View Complete Thread] Kumar C. Housing/School Community 4/18/2017
Looking for apartments with good schools in Redmond, WA...[View Complete Thread] SHWETA K. Housing/School Community 3/30/2017
Moving to Seattle ( Indian / Bengali Community) ...[View Complete Thread] Nash C. General 2/24/2017
Moving to Seattle from India to work for Amazon....Good place to live......[View Complete Thread] Thara R. Housing/School Community 12/11/2016
New in Seattle..Looking for Suggstions...[View Complete Thread] Rahul S. General 11/4/2016
Arrival at Seattle Intl. Airport...[View Complete Thread] Arun S. Travel 9/8/2016
Sammamish View Apartments...[View Complete Thread] Manika D. Housing/School Community 7/15/2016
Where do Desi Amazonians Stay?...[View Complete Thread] RD X. General 7/14/2016
Working at Amazon - Reviews...[View Complete Thread] RD X. General 7/7/2016
Volunteer Opportunities ...[View Complete Thread] Devika V. General 6/24/2016
Avana 522 Apartments - Planning to Move in...[View Complete Thread] Sravan V. Housing/School Community 10/5/2015
Parents Stay extension question...[View Complete Thread] Sowmya  N. Immigration 7/27/2015
Regarding Apts at Sammamish...[View Complete Thread] Sankari I. Housing/School Community 6/7/2015
Bollywood Dance Classes for kids...[View Complete Thread] Shivani M. Kids 5/19/2015
Suggestion for apartments with children play area...[View Complete Thread] Shalini N. Housing/School Community 5/5/2015
Suggestions for pre-K/Montessori...[View Complete Thread] Shalini N. Housing/School Community 5/5/2015
Indians in Renton/SeaTac/Burien/Tukwila...[View Complete Thread] Jitesh  A. Housing/School Community 9/1/2014
Desi Consultancies...[View Complete Thread] Nayana K. General 4/22/2014
Bollywood Dance Classes for Kids in Bellevue...[View Complete Thread] Shivani M. Kids 4/9/2014
911 Driving Test Route...[View Complete Thread] Nilam G. General 4/8/2014
Swimming classes in kirkland...[View Complete Thread] Khushbu K. Kids 3/3/2014
Bellevue to seattle downtown commute time...[View Complete Thread] Manish G. Travel 1/25/2014
New to Seattle...[View Complete Thread] Jay T. Housing/School Community 12/1/2013
Need info on cheap monthly Car Rental...[View Complete Thread] Sam M. General 7/7/2013
Swimming Classes...[View Complete Thread] Anil B. Kids 6/20/2013
Driving test -Lynwood DMV...[View Complete Thread] asha v. General 6/11/2013
Best Airline - Seatte to Delhi...[View Complete Thread] Nitu R. Travel 6/4/2013
Elementary school experience...[View Complete Thread] Sashi m. General 5/19/2013
Help appreciated Moving from Washington DC metro to Seattle in middle of June....[View Complete Thread] Dasari D. General 5/3/2013
Any Indian tailor to stich sari-blouse in Seattle ??...[View Complete Thread] Kris B. General 4/25/2013
Microbiology ...[View Complete Thread] Jaya N. General 4/1/2013
Indian Musical Instrument - Harmonium...[View Complete Thread] Sinha S. General 3/27/2013
Bellevue Driving Test Route for Defensive Driving School...[View Complete Thread] Shivani M. General 2/4/2013
Looking for job...[View Complete Thread] Sri n. General 12/18/2012
Looking for a job...[View Complete Thread] Prachi G. General 12/13/2012
New arrival to Bellevue...[View Complete Thread] Sheila S. General 10/3/2012
Hello Anybody from Kendell Ridge apartments in Bellevue...[View Complete Thread] Bhaskar B. General 9/18/2012
Apartments in Bothell...[View Complete Thread] sally K. General 7/17/2012
Advice on Locality/ School...[View Complete Thread] Gopakumar M. General 7/8/2012
Advice on Reasonable Flights from Seattle to Delhi or Hyderabad...[View Complete Thread] Arlene P. General 7/7/2012
Jinaga update...[View Complete Thread] Ram V. General 6/27/2012
Crater lake...[View Complete Thread] Vidya M. Travel 5/2/2012
Moving from CA,looking around Auburnc...[View Complete Thread] pranavi b. General 3/20/2012
Sinhalese/Sinhala translation...[View Complete Thread] Leigh W. Housing/School Community 2/15/2012
Where in the Seattle area are Fiji Indian families?...[View Complete Thread] Shanti G. Housing/School Community 1/21/2012
Moving to Washington !!!...[View Complete Thread] Sai K. General 1/19/2012
do u know any Cheaper Car Mechanic? No issurance, Minor accident ...[View Complete Thread] Anand K. General 11/21/2011
HELP ME WITH HINDI?...[View Complete Thread] Nisha B. General 9/2/2011
Pinging men/women (who have kids) working at Amazon...[View Complete Thread] Namita K. Housing/School Community 8/6/2011
Krishna Accessories for 6month old...[View Complete Thread] Ayana K. General 8/2/2011
Anbody travelling from Delhi to Seattle / Anywhere in US...[View Complete Thread] Prasun S. Travel 7/22/2011
Wedding contacts...[View Complete Thread] Kris B. General 7/21/2011
Indian Top alteration...[View Complete Thread] Meena S. General 5/4/2011
Travel companion from New Delhi to Seattle...[View Complete Thread] Bhagwat P. Travel 4/19/2011
Internet based work from home...[View Complete Thread] Nisha A. General 3/31/2011
Looking for a part time job...[View Complete Thread] Nisha A. General 3/31/2011
IT consultancy and placement for H1bc...[View Complete Thread] Udipta W. General 3/30/2011
IS anyone going to india??...[View Complete Thread] Sangeetha G. General 3/28/2011
Need Job related advise/help...[View Complete Thread] sunny k. General 2/24/2011
Rentals ...[View Complete Thread] Sowmya K. General 1/31/2011
question about visiting India during pregnancy...[View Complete Thread] Dilli g. General 1/22/2011
Good 2BHK Apartments near Overlake Transit Center Redmond ore<...[View Complete Thread] Lux B. Housing/School Community 11/1/2010
Looking for local Indians who worked in business in India AND US ...[View Complete Thread] Hannah M. General 10/25/2010
Good Public Schools & Affordable Housing...[View Complete Thread] home a. General 9/26/2010
Looking for recruiting job or any other job...[View Complete Thread] aryu a. General 8/3/2010
anybody travelling from chennai/hyderabad to seattle in may?or...[View Complete Thread] sandeep s. Travel 5/4/2010
Sai Bhajans in Seattle area?...[View Complete Thread] sridharan R. General 4/23/2010
Licensed Indian School or Daycare...[View Complete Thread] Priyanka A. General 2/26/2010
Driving Testc...[View Complete Thread] Mylarasi M. General 2/12/2010
On H4 looking for volunteering work in finance/accountancyore<...[View Complete Thread] Bellevue M. General 2/9/2010
Looking for a reliable and reputed Lawyer in Hyderabad...[View Complete Thread] Sudeep D. General 12/7/2009
Bellevue Driving test route...[View Complete Thread] Tani S. General 12/1/2009
Uncooked chapatis in Seattle?...[View Complete Thread] Deepak K. General 9/20/2009
Need help for parking near Airport/ride to Airport(seattle international)...[View Complete Thread] meenu g. General 7/31/2009
Looking for travel companion on Air France ,New Delhi to Seattle, 24th July...[View Complete Thread] Shaffaly T. Travel 7/14/2009
Paypal withdrawal...[View Complete Thread] Sher V. General 6/7/2009
Sanjeevani Spa Resorts LLC....[View Complete Thread] veeresh s. Housing/School Community 6/1/2009
Candian Visitor Visa Query...[View Complete Thread] ioioioi i. General 5/11/2009
Home Healthcare...[View Complete Thread] Sudha E. Housing/School Community 5/2/2009
Searching for good schools...[View Complete Thread] Kr K. General 3/25/2009
Mcrosoft Full Time Interview...[View Complete Thread] Anisha M. General 3/10/2009
Moving to Seattle...[View Complete Thread] Piyali D. Housing/School Community 8/12/2008
Temporary accomadation near federal way/ seattle...[View Complete Thread] rakesh r. General 7/21/2008
work permit on visitor visa...[View Complete Thread] bhavri a. Immigration 7/16/2008
PT job l...[View Complete Thread] hpriya a. General 3/27/2008
Need an outstanding Indian Dance groupa...[View Complete Thread] Shiraz B. Housing/School Community 3/18/2008
Indian Beautician in Issaquah?...[View Complete Thread] Sujatha G. General 2/6/2008
Cheapest Watch Battery Replacement?...[View Complete Thread] hpriya a. General 1/29/2008
Requesting assistance to wok and study in the US...[View Complete Thread] Ronak R. Immigration 11/28/2007
Transit Visac...[View Complete Thread] Ashish S. General 10/25/2007
Iam so depressed...[View Complete Thread] Suganya M. General 10/15/2007
chances of job opportunities/H1 sponsorship...[View Complete Thread] madhavi n. General 10/8/2007
H4 to H1 conversion & Training in Testing...[View Complete Thread] manohar p. General 9/10/2007
Indian Channels...[View Complete Thread] Syed R. General 9/4/2007
Get Indian Television Channels...[View Complete Thread] Syed R. General 9/4/2007
Looking for Pre-School near 148th AVE Bellevue...[View Complete Thread] Puja S. General 8/25/2007
can you suggest a nice day care?...[View Complete Thread] anisha p. General 7/24/2007
Weather in seattle...[View Complete Thread] anisha p. General 6/13/2007
How about Desifest ??...[View Complete Thread] Fahad M. General 5/24/2007
Looking for a Travel companion in August from Seattle to Chennai by British Airways...[View Complete Thread] sri n. Travel 5/20/2007
Travel Companion - Seattle to Chennai on May 13th BA...[View Complete Thread] Harry S. Travel 4/23/2007
Need Travel companion from Chennai to Seattle for my Mum...[View Complete Thread] Rajasekar G. Travel 4/3/2007
Advice on getting Visa for Parents...[View Complete Thread] aarti r. General 3/30/2007
New Preethi Eco Plus Mixie giving burned plastic smell...[View Complete Thread] suresh g. General 3/17/2007
Looking for H1 Sponsors ...[View Complete Thread] Sonia M. General 2/13/2007
Looking partment/apartment sharing near 148 Ave NE Redmondore<...[View Complete Thread] Pramod J. General 11/30/2006
Sitar teacher in Seattle area...[View Complete Thread] Jeet G. General 11/10/2006
Suggestions for apartments near 148th ave ne and 40th str neor...[View Complete Thread] Kapil T. General 8/26/2006
First school for child bellevue/redmond...[View Complete Thread] Palkesh s. General 7/25/2006
moving to redmond...[View Complete Thread] anusha s. General 5/19/2006
Pl suggest some good Mixie/Blender to make Dosa...[View Complete Thread] Bansilal H. General 11/13/2005
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