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Dr Princy S. Rekhi (A role model for young professionals )

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The youngest dentist licensed to practice dentistry in the State of Washington, Princy Rekhi spelled success at a young age. ROSHNI, the publication of south Asia, rightly described Princy " A dentist, mentor and social activist, this young explorer is on his way to charter new directions and leave inspirational legacy for future generations to emulate". Since the publication, Princy Rekhi has been the youngest person and the first Indian ever to be elected as President of the Seattle King County Dental society. He served in that position during the year 2013-14. Last month , Dr Princy Rekhi got elected as President of the Washington Dentists Insurance agency. He is the first ever Indian to occupy that position. Prior to that Princy served on the council and has been a delegate from the State of Washington to the American Dental Association.

Dr. Princy Relhi is also the current President of the Board of Directors for the Seattle King County Dental Foundation. Dr Rekhi, also, got selected as an affiliate professor in the School of Dentistry at the University of Washington serving only one day a week to take care of his three dental practices located in Kirkland, Renton and Edmonds. In addition, Dr. Princy Rekhi has been one of the only a few doctors selected by American Dental Association to visit various dental Schools in America to provide guidance to the students about their careers after graduation. The partial list of achievements should allay the fears of young Sikhs that the Sikhi Sarup may be a risk to their success. As everyone is aware, Dr. Rekhi is a turbaned Gursikh and strong believer in the teachings of Guru Granth Sahib Jee.
Princy Rekhi had all his education in America. He graduated from Inglemoor High School as a valedictorian. He successfully competed for one of the 25 positions to get admission in School of Dentistry right after high school. Though being a turbaned Sikh, Princy has been a respected member of the student community and won election in the Student councils. He has been President of the student union as well in Kansas City. He graduated in the year 2003 at the age of 23 when some kids can not even decide about their career. He has been the youngest dentist licensed to practice Dentistry in the State of Washington. Princy bought his own practice in the same year in Highlands Area of Renton. Being dedicated to his profession, intelligent and caring, even his patients have been referring their relatives, friends to his practice, With much success , Princy bought his second practice just after two years in Edmonds, Washington, Currently, Dr. Rekhi owns three dental practices known as Highland Dental Centers.

Dr. Rekhi has always been humble and readily available to the needy. He has been passionate about helping our young professionals to reach new heights. Dr. Rekhi took time to attend a few of the youth sikh symposiums and has been an inspiration speaker on atleat three occasions.On the cultural side, Princy has been General Secretary of the India Arts and Culture Association ( IACA ) for eight years. He organized at least two cultural shows in a year namely : Vaisakhi and Diwali. This was to encourage our youth to be in touch with our heritage. Being a devout Sikh, Princy will start each show with a Shabad from Gurbani. We profeesed not only the culture of Punjab, but almost every part of it. We had Punjabi Gidha, Bhangra, Rajasthani Dances, Gujrati Dandia, Telgu dances to state a few.

On inspiration of Princy Rekhi, IACA entered into a venture of selecting Miss India ( WA ) IACA to represent our community in SEAFAIR Parades and compete for the CROWN which carried a scholarship of several thousand dollars. Miss India has been sponsored to represent our community in national events as well. The above has been done for the exposure, creation of confidence, and success of our youth in their careers, IACA halted its operation for the last five years due to the business needs of its founders. However, IACA will be in full operation in the year 2016. Dr Rekhi donates majority of the funds for trophies, prizes, arrangements etc. Mr Rekhi supports other organizations like VIRSA, and a few others as well. Dr Rekhi is a caring professional and is always available to serve the needy.
DR Rekhi got married to Dr. Gulbadan Kaur in 2013. The Almighty Waheguru jee blessed them with a son Gagan Singh Rekhi in March 2015. Dr. Rekhi belongs to a highly educated and respectable family of Seattle. His father, Surinder S Rekhi has been a senior class one officer in the federal Ministry of Industries at New Delhi. His mother Parminder Rekhi has been an officer in State Bank of India in Connaught place before migrating to USA. Both of his parents have been working for the City of Seattle government for the last 30 years. Princys sister Dr. Tisha Rekhi got married to Dr. Maninder Singh who is a director of anesthesiology department in a hospital in Ohio. One of Dr. Rekhis cousins, Dr. Tina Subherwal recently moved from North Carolina to Seattle. Her husband is a senior cardiologist at a local hospital here. All of his remaining cousins are doctors except one who is a prominent attorney in Seattle.

We wish Dr. Rekhi, success in all the endeavors he may undertake in the future.


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