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Ebeys Landing

Contributed by : Anuv Vaghul

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Having spent the majority of my life in Washington State, I have come to admire its genuine natural beauty. Residents of Washington may object, and question the validity of this statement, as rain and clouds often champion what appear to be the most iconic sights. However, rain or shine, Washington, boasts some amazing scenery. Especially during the summertime, when the rain and cloudy weather have retreated for the season.
This time of year, when the sun shines bright over our heads, presents the perfect opportunity to explore Washington's abundant natural beauty - And there is no better place to start than with taking a ferry over to Whidbey Island to visit the scenic Ebey's Landing.
Known for both its historical, and natural features, Ebey's Landing was named after Colonel Isaac Neff Ebey, who was one of the first of many non-white settlers to claim property on Whidbey Island. Ebey built a small house to defend land claim from Native Americans, which was surrounded by miles of prairie, as it remains to this day.
On the right side of the house is a large barely field, which borders the green forests that populate the swooping hillside. The house overlooks the vast, majestic Pacific Ocean, including the farmland that leads up to the winding coast. There are several gravel and dirt trails that lead visitors to the seemingly endless beach, where they can catch glimpses of the spectacular Olympic Mountain Range, the San Juan Islands, and the Strait of Juan de Fuca.
From the house, there are also several short trails that lead to the snaking bluffs. These trails take visitors on an amazing hike and tour of Ebey's landing. The trails rise and fall as they trace around the golden cliffside, exposing the beautiful beach scenery that lies below, such as Peregos Lake, a small lagoon separated from the ocean by beach. The coastal bluffs can reach heights up to 270 ft.
The hiking trails vary in difficulty. For those who find it difficult to cope with steep inclines, the bluff trails may be challenging. However, one will not miss out, as a walk along the beach matches the excitement and natural beauty of the bluffs. In fact, the bluff trail even descends down and connects with the beach at a certain point.
Although the beach walk spanned a little more than 4 miles, there were enough interesting sites to make it worth the effort. One of the best features of Ebey's Landing is the calming rhythm of waves crashing atop one another, as they reach sandy shores of the beach. Mostly topped with smooth pebbles and rocks, the beach is definitely not an unpleasant walk. Bordering Peregos Lagoon are miles of twisted driftwood, all piled up as a result of weather and changing tides. Past visitors have even spent time making small huts out of these logs, for the public to admire.
Ebey's Landing is also teeming with natural life. The diverse variety of plants and animals around the coast make Ebey's Landing a lively place to visit. If lucky, one might even spot a Bald Eagle resting on a tree branch. The lagoon, and the neighboring forest also provide a home to many other species of birds.
There are a few things to take notice of when planning a visit. As ferry traffic grows worse as the morning goes by, one should aim to leave early, to guarantee a spot on the ferry to Whidbey Island. Also, the views can be blocked by morning fog, but around noon, the fog should lift, and give way to the scenic views. The sun will become intense, so hats and sun block might be worth bringing along.
This site is undoubtedly one of Washington's natural treasures. It is rich in history, as well as in natural beauty. Ebey's landing is a location that welcomes all to relax and escape the stresses of life. Its dramatic and breathtaking views will surely create life-long memories to cherish.


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