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Contributed by : Shivangi Panchal

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This is my first article ever, but i have been following the articles in this site. Today i would like to share some idea with my Indian friends sitting here so far away from their motherland.
We the Humans are the favourite creation of God. He the almighty has given us a lot more then compared to the other living creature on this Planet,Earth.There are so many different caste ,creed and religion in this earth that it is so difficult to count. But one thing is comman in all the above ,and that is marriage.

A boy and a girl grows up and then they are married .The word Marriage is so important irrespective of rich , poor ,their caste and creed.May it be a boy or a girl ,all dream about their marriage and has a lot of expectations from their spouse.Somethimes the case is that the parents are much more excited about their children getting married.But this is all the positive side of the coin.

The other side of the coin says other story,for the girls ,she must learn all the house hold chores irrespesctive of the fact that her dream is to become a doctor or a pilot or a teacher!!! the boy has different dream proffesion,but he has to get married so he has to select the path which can settle him dowm financially well just beacuse such that he can get married.This isn''''t it ,more then all it is the parents who takes all the load!!!

First of all finding a perfect match for their children is the first big deal which they have to look after.Each mother in law would thing that her daughter in law should be "SITA"  and the father in laws think that his son in law should be "RAM".So with this thought starts the unending event of expectations!!!

Then the focus goes on tho how the "Vivah" would take place!!!And then starts the flow and the draining of the factor "M",yes this is the most important thing in marriage.Well for the parents of the daughter ,this factor comes from the first day she is born....the first expression is "laxmi" and then the second expression is "spending money".These are the two thoughts which comes to the girls/ bride''''s parents as she is born and for the rest of the life till she gets married the parents saves money for her daughter and the big day .On the other hand  boy''''s/bridegrom''''s parents think about his expensive education and they save money for that.Well then comes the factor of spending money on "VIVAH".

Its not only about the capacity of each parent of how they will spend money on the marrige but there is a social pressure on them too about spending money on their child''''s marriage because ,many a place in India ,the marriges are comapred. Parent "X" has spent amount "xyz" so now my/your target should be more then"xyz"....

Then  starts the story of spending above the funds and in this pressure the parents starts taking loan from the market.......and goes into the debt.....and all this is beacuse of just one single day .

I have few questions for those parents who spend money more then their budget ,"why do you spend so much that you have to get in to the debt?"

But people may ask then that what is the possible solution for all this ?

According to me as in this modern world , since the youngsters work and almost decide all their important decisions of their life , why not they, both the  boy and and the girl tell their parents to avoid the grand weddings.The youth should decide on the fact whether their happiness is more related to the way the marriage is going to take place or how their marriage life will be .Why should one spend on the marriage and not in their marriage life ? Spending on the marriage is like creating a debt and saving that money for the future marriage life is like investing the money.

Rather then spending money on the false lightnings ,invest money to lit up your marriage life,rather then spending money on the flowers to decorate the building,invest money to build up the garden which can spread freagrance throughout your marriage life,rather then  letting your parents in debt for years ,invest in giving them a house such that they dont have to go to the old age home in their later years.Rather then spending money on organising lavish reception party where thousands come and eat and almost more then 30 percent of the food goes stale or wasted, invest that money to feed the orphans or the beggar who dont get food for days, feed those hungry people and achieve their blessings. Belive me the real enjoyment in the marriage can also be a get together and the money free and smiles on every one's face...

Imagine a marriage where just few well wishers of both the family meets up and performing few rituals of the garland exchange, the feras and the sindoor,with mo exchange of gifts!!! but all the faces still smiles.The debt free enviornmet can give happiness to all and all can enjoy and dance at the same way Let your parents dont drain in debt to pay for few fake smiles.Organise a simple money free marriage!!!

So let the marriages be an ocassion to unite two souls and family and let the money does not create hinderance for "yesterday","today" and "tomorrow".Think about it !!! tomorrow you will the bride/groom and the day after you might be a parent to be in the debt ....

This is my thought and and my feelings towards the unneccessary spending on money,think and act wisely.

About Author
i am an honest and a dedicated house-wife.i had been tutoring in india since last 10 yrs.i love interacting with kids.i believe in live and let others live!!!


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