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Toddler Happiness

Contributed by : Rima Arora

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Toddler Happiness

Happiness is two and a half
Alert and curious from waking
Climb, discover, hide'n'seek
Adventure in the making

He's mastered walking, talking, feeding,
Now explores his wider world
His curiosity surely knows no bounds
Til naptime, when in bed he's curled

What's this? What does it do?
Push it, pull it, twist it around
This button makes the lights work
This one makes the siren sound

Chuckles of happiness and laughter
Eyes filled with wonder and joy
Love hot enough to melt your heart
He's my beautiful toddler boy

Yet suddenly there's thunder brewing
Things don't always go his way
He needs your help but does not want it
Terrible two's tantrums spoil the day!

Just as quickly it is over
A safe space and a little time out
Then its back into the garden
To figure some more things out

Sand and water, swing and slide
Mastering jumping on two feet
Scoot a bike or truck around the yard
Toddler happiness is so neat

Pauline Oliver

About Author
I, Rima Arora, M.B.A, am a life Coach (an astrologer and palmistalso) by profession. With the help of horoscope reading and palm reading I provide counsellings and solutions. I am working with a mission to providing guidance and solutions to people all around. I aim to serve the people for the betterment of the society and bring about peace and harmony. For personal solutions I am also available on And My contact no is 09899687066.
I mainly focus on guidance on the following topics-
*Marriage, Children and personal Relationships and bondings,
*Education & Professional counsellings,
*Stress and problems of youngsters,
*Health problems and ways to come out of them positively,
*Positive approach towards life problems.


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