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Love Her

Contributed by : JiJi

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Love her when she sips on your coffee or tea. She only wants to make sure it tastes just right for you.

Love her when she "pushes" you to pray. She wants to be with you in Jannat (Paradise).

Love her when she asks you to play with the kids. She did not "make" them on her own.

Love her...when she is jealous. Out of all the men she can have, she chose you

Love her when she has annoying little habits that drives you nuts. You have them too.

Love her when her cooking is bad. She tries.

Love her when she looks dishevelled in the morning. She always grooms herself up again.

Love her when she asks to help with the kids homework. She only wants you to be part of the home.

Love her when she asks if she looks fat. Your opinion counts, so tell her she''''s beautiful.

Love her when she looks beautiful. She''''s yours so appreciate her.

Love her when she spends hours to get ready. She only wants to look her best for you.

Love her when she buys you gifts you don''''t like. Smile and tell her it''''s what you''''ve always wanted.

Love her when she has developed a bad habit. You have many more and with wisdom and politeness you have all the time to help her change. Love her when she cries for absolutely nothing. Don''''t ask, tell her its going to be okay.

Love her when whatever you do is not pleasing. It happens and will pass

Love her when she stains your clothes. You needed a new shirt/pant anyway.

Love her when she tells you how to drive. She only wants you to be safe.

Love her when she argues. She only wants to make things right for both

Love her she is yours. You don''''t need any other special reason!!!!

All this forms part of a Woman''''s Character. Women are part of your life and should be treated as the Queen.

The Messenger of God (peace be upon him) advised concerning the woman:

Treat the women well.

The best of you are those who are the best in the treatment of their wives.


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