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Follow Your Dream In Life (General)
As human beings, we are born dreamers. It is natural to build our lives around a vision or purpose that gives meaning to our existence. Pursuing your heart''''s desire transforms life into a wondrous ...
Chetan Chopra
Hindus laud Passaic for declaring Diwali as schools’ holiday (General)
Hindus have applauded Passaic City School District (New Jersey, USA) for declaring Diwali as a school holiday, calling it "œa step in the right direction". According to 2010-2011 School Calen...
Rajan Zed
The Ultimate New Year's Resolution --- the Resolution to Succeed. (General)
There is a deep desire in everyone of us to succeed. We all go through these short bursts of enthusiasm and motivation, make some promising resolutions for ourselves to meet success. When we start we ...
Anchor babies targeted by new legislative group (General)
What anchor babies are"Anchor babies" is a name given to people that are born in the United States to parents who are illegal immigrants. The kids don''t have legal parents although they are legal...
John Paul
HELP Sonia Rai FIND a Bone Marrow Donor (General)
I need your help for my friend who was recently diagnosed with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia (AML) and urgently needs to find a Bone Marrow Donor.Sonia’s survival is dependent on luck and statist...
2010 College Cricket Players of the Year (News)
Lloyd Jodah
Bio for Actress and Model Melanie Kannokada (General)
Rated as one of 2010''s most Sexy and Successful by Anokhi Magazine, Melanie Kannokada is an engineering geek turned actress, model, television host, and Miss India America. She can be seen on Sony''s...
Rajiv Satyal
You Are Worth Believing In (General)
How do you learn to believe in youself if you haven''''t been taught that you are worth believing in? How do you find the words to say to yourself the things you have rarely, if ever, heard about your...
Chetan Chopra
College of Wooster President Grant Cornwell to tour India, (News)
College of Wooster President Grant Cornwell will embark on a two-week, four-city tour of India in late January to meet with Wooster alumni and parents, visit high schools, and confer with higher educa...
Lloyd Jodah
Hindus & Jews seek Romanian Church Patriarch’s help to end Roma apartheid (General)
Hindus and Jews have urged Patriarch of majority Romanian Orthodox Church, its Holy Synod, and National Church Assembly to help improve the plight of Roma (Gypsy), who face apartheid conditions in Rom...
Rajan Zed
Premier Catholic University in USA offers Yoga Philosophy course (General)
Loyola Marymount University (LMU) in Los Angeles (USA), a premier Roman Catholic university rooted in the Jesuit and Marymount traditions, is offering Certificate Program in Yoga Philosophy. I...
Rajan Zed
Hindus want Diwali as school holiday in Cambridge (General)
Hindus have applauded Cambridge School Committee (Massachusetts, USA) for reportedly declaring Eid as a school holiday from the next year in Cambridge Public Schools.Hindu statesman Rajan Zed,...
Rajan Zed
Rohan Kanhai - Bollywood's First Action Hero (General)
Lloyd Jodah
Cues & Clues To Children's Behaviors: A Guide to Raising A Happy Well-Adjusted Child released (General)
Parents can miss signs of behavioral and emotional problems Author provides cues to help parents tune into child’s needs Most parents are motivated, caring and concerned about their children. ...
Salma Bhalla, Ph.D.
Conscious Mind And Subconscious Mind (General)
Here is an interesting concept that could help you the next time you are faced with a challenge that you believe you cannot handle: Consider your conscious mind is the passenger, not the driver! Your ...
chetan chopra

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