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KINDNESS is a virtue given by the pays dividends in happiness & joys in its reward....for if u practice kindness in all u say & do....The Lord will wrap his kindnes...
Rima Arora
Transient Moments (Poetry)
Sometimes In A Cocoon,At Times It''''s An Oyster''''s Shell,Sometime It''''s Contained In A Cloud,At Times It''''s A Fogged Up View, In Times When It''''s Not Possible To Clearly Tell,...
gita shekar
Our Beliefs determine what we get from life (General)
Our beliefs about ourselves are our perceived boundaries,that have a huge impact on where we think we can go in life.Beliefs allow one person to believe, he or she can go to the moon,W...
Rima Arora
Motivational Quote of the day (Quotes)
" Our beliefs determine what we get from life........SO Believe in yourself and set your standards high.....LIFE wants to give you what you want " AIM HIGH. ...
Rima Arora
On A Path To Seek Myself... (Poetry)
I May Not Have Read A Lot Of Books,I May Not Know A Lot Of Facts,I May Not Even Know Who Is Who,I Donot Have Any Buisness Plans,I Seem To Be Always Lost,I Get ...
gita shekar
शायद ज़िन्दगी बदल रही है!! (General)
जब मैं छोटा था, शायद दुनिया बहुत बड...
Sumit C.
1 February 2011Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Cochin, KeralaIAM Integrated Amrita Meditation Technique lowers stress hormones, according to a study recently published in the 2011 vo...
Amma - Final 3 Seattle-area Bone Marrow Donor Registration Drives (General) is running its FINAL 3 Seattle-area bone marrow donor registration drives starting this weekend. As you may not know, Sonia Rai is a 24-yr-old South Asian American analyst in Boston, st...
Reflects On Life
Turn It Over To God (General)
There comes a time in any undertaking where we have done all that we can do. Having accomplished what is humanly possible, it is time to turn to rest to God.Turning it over is akin to planting...
Dr. Chetan Chopra
World's Oldest Sports Rivalry Returns ! (News)
The first International sports contest in world history was USA vs Canada, in a cricket match in 1844 .It took place in New York City at the St George’s Cricket Club in Bloomingdale Park, where the NY...
Lloyd Jodah
Meditation---Roots are eastern yet getting more popular in West. (General)
Did you come across the recent news about Hollywood celebrity couple Brad Pitt and Angeline Jolie getting married as per Hindu style in India. The news is not just about getting them married in India ...
Always Love Yourself (General)
We have spoken of one''s relationship with God and one''s relationship to others. There exists a third relationship that is equally significant...the relationship you have with yourself.You ar...
Dr. Chetan Chopra
Cure Sonia (Community News)
Sonia Rai, a 24-yr-old South Asian American in Boston, was recently diagnosed with AML (leukemia) and needs to find a bone marrow donor & match within the next 5 weeks. The odds of finding a donor mat...
Anita Sansguiri
Grand Hindu temple planned in England (General)
A majestic multi-million pound Hindu temple and community center is reportedly being planned for Exeter (Devon, United Kingdom). Claimed to be “one of a kind in Europe” when completed with an ...
Rajan Zed
Transcendental World Tour Swami B.S.Tirtha Maharaj visits North America (Community News)
All Glories to Sri Sri Guru and Sri GaurangaTranscendental World TourSwami B.S.Tirtha Maharaj visits North AmericaGaudiya Vaishnava Association‟s Founder Acharya, His Div...
Badari Narayana Das

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