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New Page (Poetry)
gita shekar
Feel Like Disappearing Like The Moon (Poetry)
gita shekar
On A Canoe Followed Sun And I (Poetry)
gita shekar
Change (Poetry)
gita shekar
My Father , let my country Arise (Poetry)
Where the mind is without fear and the’ money notes’  are held high Where culprits are freeWhere the world has been broken up into fragments By nar...
Mohan M Prasad
I (Poetry)
Thought I Could Run Away,Thought I Could Escape ,Thought I Could Find An Excuse ,Thought I Could Blame It On Blue ,Thought It''''s The Cloudy Sky ,Thought I Could Say I Wanted Suns...
gita shekar
In A Land Called Dream (Poetry)
In a land called Dream,I wanted to stay ,Reality of life , said no way,On a Endless journey I wanted to embark ,Destination asked me to Break,As I moved on to Dreaming again ,S...
gita shekar
Define yourself (Poetry)
Define YourselfSubmitted by: flutterbyesAuthor: Karen MortensenYou are a part of all that surrounds you.Celebrate your connection to life as you step into the future.Your abilities...
Rima Arora
A Life That Waited to Be (Poetry)
In The Withered Flower Did I See ,A Life That Waited To Be,In The Winter Months Of Grey,Faded Did Appear It''''s Sunshine Glory,As I Recollected The Time Of Spring,Capturing The Be...
gita shekar
Toddler Happiness (Poetry)
Toddler HappinessHappiness is two and a halfAlert and curious from wakingClimb, discover, hide''n''seekAdventure in the makingHe''s mastered walking, talking, feeding,N...
Rima Arora
The Victorby: C. W. LongeneckerIf you think you are beaten, you are.If you think you dare not, you don''t. If you like to win but think you can''t, It''s almost a cinch you...
Rima Arora
DO YOUR BEST AND LEAVE THE RESTAs through life you journey onwardMany a hill you''ll have to climb;Many a rough and dang''rous pathway,You''ll encounter time and time.Now a...
Rima Arora
poems (Poetry)
Drop A Pebble In The WaterDrop a pebble in the water, just a splash, and it’s gone;But there’s half a hundred ripples circling on and on and on,Spreading, spreading from the center, fl...
Rima Arora
If you were...... (Poetry)
If You Were A Tooth Brush Or A Tube OF Tooth Paste,You Could Have Travelled Along With Me In My Carry On Case ,If You Were The Chap Stick Or My Lipstick Beige ,In My Purse You Definitely W...
gita shekar
Flowers Of Fall Magic (Poetry)
When Early Morning Waits For Day Break,When The Sun Plays Hide And Seek,When Cold Air Freezes All Trees,When Leaves Leave To Join The Earth,When The Year Seems To Want Warmth And Cheer...
gita shekar

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