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The Purpose of LivingBy Darshan Goswami, M.S., P.E., Pittsburgh, PAThe Purpose of life is what you want to make out of it. Each of us has a unique purpose in life, and our happiness, g...
Darshan Goswami
The Power of Positive Thinking" (Health & Lifestyle)
THE POWER OF POSITIVE THINKINGBy Darshan Goswami, M.S., P.E., Pittsburgh, PAPositive thinking can change your life. If you want to live longer, be happy, healthy and successful, all y...
Darshan Goswami
The Root Connection: Local Fresh Produce (Health & Lifestyle)
What people often fear and hate most about their favorite foods is that they have been artificially engineered to meet the consumer''s tastes. Common examples are foods essential to the human diet, su...
Anuv Vaghul
8 Health Reasons You Should Never Skip Breakfast (Health & Lifestyle)
Breakfast is the most important part of your diet. If you are in the habit of skipping your breakfast, here are some very important reasons why y...
Sunny Singh
Aging Brain (Health & Lifestyle)
Human brain ages with along with the human body. Most of the people will eventually experience some significant loss of mental lucidity as a result of aging.  People who are 60 years or older exp...
Ramesh Kumar
Connection between your Fear and Kidney.. (Health & Lifestyle)
In Tamil Nadu (India), there is a proverb which says.. "Whoever eats salt, has to drink water". Means when we eat Salt the water element should be taken to balance it (Observe it next time when you ea...
Saha Nathan
Connection between your worry and Spleen center (Health & Lifestyle)
Normal 0 Saha Nathan
How do we recognize a person as Sugar patient? (Health & Lifestyle)
Darryl 12.00 Saha Nathan
The Five main reasons for all diseases (Health & Lifestyle)
Last week, we have seen how important it is to have proper air circulation and heat energy in our body.Now let us see what are the factors involved in causing a disease in our body:...
Saha Nathan
The Root Cause of All the Diseases... (Health & Lifestyle)
If you really want to find out the root cause of your physical issues….you have to understand the function of blood circulation in your body.Blood travels through veins throughout our body and...
Saha Nathan
10 Ways to Avoid Outdoor Allergens and Allergic Rhinitis (Health & Lifestyle)
Dr. Sejal Shah
Eat Less, But Eat Often (Health & Lifestyle)
When you trying to cut back on the amount of food you eat, you''ll be tempted to cut back on the number of times you are eating. After all, if you are trying to reduce calories, isn''t it easiest to&n...
Dr. Chetan Chopra
The Art of Creating Friends!!! (Health & Lifestyle)
You can get into anybody''s heart if you know the art of making friendship .God has created human beings to think about the friendship with harmony, moment you get into harmony with somebody then that...
Saha Nathan
Key To Good Dental Health (Dental Tips)
Normal 0 Dr. Princy S. Rekhi, DDS
Antioxidants Fruits (Health & Lifestyle)
Antioxidant power of foods are measured by their ORAC scores. ORAC refers to the Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity. The higher the ORAC score, the greater its antioxidant capacity.ORAC Scores...
Dr. Chetan Chopra

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