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5 Trustworthy NGO's to Sponsor a Child in India (Community News)
We human beings are capable of doing anything we wish for; we can create anything, we can change anything. We have a power in ourselves to achieve what we hope and make our future better.Some of u...
Lok Kalyan Samiti
Laurier University wins American College Cricket Mid West Championship (Community News)
As Kid Rock sang in 'Picture' - 'I ain't seen the sunshine in 3 damn days... ' so it was in Detroit, and Toronto, for the Mid West Championship and the 2 days after. However the cricket went on. The t...
Lloyd Jodah
Transcendental World Tour Swami B.S.Tirtha Maharaj visits North America (Community News)
Badari Narayana Das
Why Data Science is important (Community News)
Over the science, arts and humanities, the demand for data specialist or data scientist is growing day by day. A practitioner of data science is also called as a data scientist. Data scientists can so...
This event in one of the many humanitarian, non-profit free health camp, organized in Bothell, which benefited about 200 uninsured and under-insured people. SOCH, a volunteer group conducted a...
Rahul Kaul
9-year-old NRI Boy's Water-recycling Device Wins Mighty Minds Contest in USA (Community News)
A nine-year-old Bengali NRI boy named Oyon Ganguli from Waltham in Massachusetts won the Mighty Minds Contest, a competition for American youth inventors. Oyon Ganguli is a grandson of none but great ...
Ravi Agarwal
Now or Never! Our legacy to our upcoming generations (Community News)
Hindi It has been proven that being fluent in two languages enhances a person''s ability to concentrate. In high school and college, all students are required to study 2 years of a foreign langua...
Nishtha Raheja Goel
Washington DC Events: Bollywood Exhibition at Madame Tussauds (Community News)
Bollywood has traveled to the US capital for an exhibition, one of the most waited Washington DC events this year. The life-size wax statutes of popular Bollywood actors including Amitabh Bachchan, Sh...
Ravi Agarwal
Indian Filmmaker makes documentary about Skid Row (Los Angeles). Homeless Capital of USA. (Community News)
The first night Australian filmmaker Shanks Rajendran visited Skid Row, he nearly got the crap beaten out of him. As he sat in his car at 5th and Maple, shooting through the windshield, a half-dozen o...
Shanks Rajendran
The 2014 MetLife South Asian Spelling Bee Chicago & Seattle winners announced (Community News)
Photo Captions:Chicago Winners:(From L to R) Second Runner Up, Nikhith Rao from Vernon Hills, IL; Regional Champ Gokul Venkatachalam from Chesterfield, MO and First Runner Up Yasir Hasnain fro...
How Improving Your American English Pronunciation Can Affect Your Job Prospects (Community News)
Have you ever heard someone say I just cant understand Indian Accents? This occurs far too frequently here in Seattle, where some of our best minds in technology, engineering and science are speaker...
Christine Dunbar
Sixth Season of the South Asian Spelling Bee Announced (Community News)
June 11, 2013  ''Touchdown Media Inc., the leading Multicultural advertising firm, today announced the launch of the sixth season of the MetLife South Asian Spelling Bee. MetLife, a leading globa...
South Asian Spelling Bee
County Council appoints Ketu Shah to fill vacancy in King County District Court (Community News)
 The Metropolitan King County Council today appointed Ketu Shah to fill the vacancy in the Northeast Division of King County District Court. Judge Shah will take the position created by the passi...
King County
Let us get together to protest death of Indian victim (Community News)
The breadth of Indian community we have in Seattle, I believe we should all mobilize to show our support to the Indian victim who laid her life. I am new to this place but I am eager to show my so...
Local Seattle talent showcased in Boston Sargam (Community News)
Nalini Krishnan who is a resident of Woodinville, WA and currently goes to Berkley College of Music is going to perform at the Boston Sargam 2012. Nalini won the First Prize in her age categor...
Kalyani Krishnan

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