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Indian Baby Names  of Girls  Starting with Letter M

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Girl Names that start with M

My Favorite Name Meaning Edit/Add Meaning
megha clouds Edit/Add
mishri sweet Edit/Add
Moumita Edit/Add
Mishti Sweet Edit/Add
Mrudaani Name mentioned in Lalitha Sahasranaamam Edit/Add
miraal mira Edit/Add
moulli main Edit/Add
malavika Edit/Add
mumtaaz bubbly Edit/Add
Muskan Smile Edit/Add
Minjal water fairy Edit/Add
Miloni Edit/Add
Mina Fish Jewel Edit/Add
Minakshi Fish eyes Edit/Add
Minal Pure Edit/Add
Mini Small (often a pet name) Edit/Add
Minu A Gem; Precoius stone Edit/Add
Mipasha Edit/Add
Mira Lord Krishna's devotee Edit/Add
Miraya Lord Krishna's devotee Edit/Add
Misha Smile Edit/Add
Mishaye Edit/Add
Mishita Edit/Add
Mishka Gift of love Edit/Add
Mishti Sweet person Edit/Add
Misri Sweet Edit/Add
Mistie Edit/Add
Mita Friend Edit/Add
Mitali Friendship Edit/Add
Mitali Friendly Edit/Add
Miteelai Edit/Add
Mithra Friend Edit/Add
Mitra Edit/Add
Mittu Edit/Add
Mohini Edit/Add
Mohita Attracted Edit/Add
Moksha Liberation Edit/Add
Moksin Free Edit/Add
Molina The tree that grows from the root Edit/Add
Mona Edit/Add
Monal Bird Edit/Add
Monalisa Noble Edit/Add
Moneshaa Edit/Add
Monica Edit/Add
Monisha Intellectual Edit/Add
Moubani A flower Edit/Add
Moumita Edit/Add
Mounica Edit/Add
Moushmee Edit/Add
Mridhula Edit/Add
Mridini Goddesss Parvati Edit/Add
Mridu Gentle Edit/Add
Mridula An ideal woman Edit/Add
Mrinali Lotus stem Edit/Add
Mrinalini Edit/Add
Mrinmayee Deer's Eye Edit/Add
Mrinmoyee Anything that is made out of mud Edit/Add
Mritsa Good Earth Edit/Add
Mrittika Mother Earth Edit/Add
Mrudula Edit/Add
Mrunali Lotus stalk Edit/Add
Mubarak Blessed Edit/Add
Mubashshara Giver of good news Edit/Add
Mudra Healing hand movement Edit/Add
Mufeeda Useful Edit/Add
Mugdha Innocent young Edit/Add
Muhja Heart's blood; Soul Edit/Add
Mukta Liberated Edit/Add
Mukti Liberation Edit/Add
Muna Wish; Desire Edit/Add
Muneera Illuminating; Shedding light Edit/Add
Munmun Edit/Add
Musheera Giving counsel Edit/Add
Muskaan Smile Happiness Edit/Add
Musu Beautiful Edit/Add
Muthu Pearl Edit/Add
Mya Edit/Add
Mythilli Edit/Add
Mythri Friendship Edit/Add
Mana Supernatural power Edit/Add
Manaal Attainment; Achievement Edit/Add
Manaar Guiding light (lighthouse) Edit/Add
Manali Bird Edit/Add
Manasa Name of a lake in Himalaya Edit/Add
Manasa Devi's name in Hardwar Rishikesh Edit/Add
Manasi Mother Goddess Edit/Add
Manasvi That which controls mind Edit/Add
Manavi Wife of manu daughtter of man. Edit/Add
Manda A river Edit/Add
Mandakini A river Edit/Add
Mandavi Wife of Bharat Edit/Add
Mandira Melody Edit/Add
Mani Gem Edit/Add
Manika Jewel Edit/Add
Manini Self respected Edit/Add
Maniratna Diamond Edit/Add
Manisha Desire; Wish Edit/Add
Manjari Bud of a Mango Tree Edit/Add
Manju Pleasant Edit/Add
Manjula Lovely; Soft; Charming Edit/Add
Manjusha Lady with a Sweet Voice Edit/Add
Manjushri Goddess Laxmi Edit/Add
Manna Edit/Add
Manoja Born of the mind Edit/Add
Manorama Beautiful Edit/Add
Mansha Wish Edit/Add
Manshree Edit/Add
Mansi Woman Edit/Add
Manvi Edit/Add
Manvitha Edit/Add
Manya Worthy of honour Edit/Add
Maraam Aspiration Edit/Add
Mareesha Edit/Add
Margi Traveller Edit/Add
Marina Edit/Add
Marsha Respectable Edit/Add
Marta Lady Edit/Add
Marudhvathi Synonym for durga aadi shakthi Edit/Add
Marya Mark Limit Edit/Add
Maryam Name of Mother of Jesus Edit/Add
Masara Emerald Edit/Add
Masumi Innocence Edit/Add
Mateah Honoured; Desired; Liked Edit/Add
Matisha Edit/Add
Matra Edit/Add
Maulashree Edit/Add
Mausam Season Edit/Add
Mausami Seasonal Edit/Add
Mawiya Old Arabic name Edit/Add
May Old Arabic name Edit/Add
Maya Illusion Edit/Add
Maysaa To walk with a swinging gait Edit/Add
Maysoon Of beautiful face and body Edit/Add
Mayurakhsi Eye of the peackock Edit/Add
Mayuri Pea-hen Edit/Add
Mayurika Baby peahen Edit/Add
Mayyada To walk with a swinging gait Edit/Add
Meceka Gem Cloud Edit/Add
Medha Goddess Saraswati; Wisdom; Intellect Edit/Add
Medini Earth Edit/Add
Meena Edit/Add
Meenakshi Eye Edit/Add
Meenal Precious Gem Edit/Add
Meeraja Combination of Meenakshi & Natrajan Edit/Add
Meeza Quarter moon Edit/Add
Megan Edit/Add
Megha Cloud; rain Edit/Add
Meghal Edit/Add
Meghna Riner ganges Edit/Add
Meha Intelligent; Rain Edit/Add
Mehak Sweet Smell; Aura; Fragrance Edit/Add
Mehanaz Edit/Add
Meher Grace Edit/Add
Mehlaka Chand ki raah Edit/Add
Mehreen Edit/Add
Mekhala Slope of a mountain Belt Edit/Add
Melanie Dark skinned Edit/Add
Melinda Combination of melanie and linda Edit/Add
Melvin Edit/Add
Mena Female parrot Edit/Add
Menaha Celestial damsel Edit/Add
Menaja Goddesss Parvati Edit/Add
Menka Edit/Add
Merlyn Small Falcon Edit/Add
Methra Edit/Add
Michelle Edit/Add
Mihika Dew Drop Edit/Add
Mikel jusy aname Edit/Add
Miki Edit/Add
Mikku Edit/Add
Mili A meeting; To find Edit/Add
Milonee Melodious Edit/Add
Madhureema Honey Edit/Add
Madhurima Sweet Edit/Add
Manna Heavenly Edit/Add
Mantra Hymns Holy chants Edit/Add
Marisha Of the Sea Edit/Add
Masum Innocent Edit/Add
Mayra Beloved Edit/Add
Meghavini Intelligence Edit/Add
Mihira Feminine form of Mihir- The Sun Edit/Add
Mira Cloud Edit/Add
Mythri Beautiful Edit/Add
Madanika Edit/Add
Madeeha Praiseworthy Edit/Add
Madhavi Honey Edit/Add
Madhu Honey Edit/Add
Madhul Sweet Edit/Add
Madhulika Nectar Edit/Add
Madhumathi Delight moon Edit/Add
Madhumitha Sweet person Edit/Add
Madhupriya Fond of honey Edit/Add
Madhur Melodious; Sweet Edit/Add
Madhura Sweet Pleasant Edit/Add
Madhuri Sweet Edit/Add
Madhusha Beauty Edit/Add
Madhushree Beauty of spring Edit/Add
Madhuvanthi One who is sweet like honey Edit/Add
Madina Land of beauty Edit/Add
Magadhi Flower Edit/Add
Maghi Giving gifts Edit/Add
Maha Gazelle Edit/Add
Mahasri Goddess Laxmi Edit/Add
Mahee Edit/Add
Mahek Smell Edit/Add
Mahendi A paste of leaves. Edit/Add
Mahi The world Edit/Add
Mahika Earth Edit/Add
Mahima Glorious Edit/Add
Mahita Edit/Add
Mahiya Joy Edit/Add
Mahtab Moon Edit/Add
Mahuya Name of a beautiful flower Edit/Add
Maimoona Auspicious; Blessed Edit/Add
Maina A bird Edit/Add
Maisa Walking with proud swinging gait Edit/Add
Maithili A name from Mahabharat; Sita's (Lord Rama's wife) name Edit/Add
Maitreyi A wise woman Edit/Add
Majeeda Glorious Edit/Add
Majida Glorious Edit/Add
Makaarim Of good and honorable character Edit/Add
Makali The moon Edit/Add
Makayla Beautiful Edit/Add
Mala String Edit/Add
Malak Angel Edit/Add
Malarvizhi Cute eyes Edit/Add
Malavika Princess of Malava kingdom Edit/Add
Maleah Edit/Add
Maleeha Edit/Add
Malika Flower Edit/Add
Malini Fragrant Edit/Add
Malishka Edit/Add
Maljumana Beautiful Edit/Add
Malka Queen Edit/Add
Malli Flower Edit/Add
Malti Moonlight Edit/Add
Malvika One who lived in Malva Edit/Add
Mamta Motherly love Edit/Add

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