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Weekly Horoscope by Pandit Parashar
4/11/2014 - 4/17/2014

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ARIES(March 21 to April 20): You will be negotiating with a known company and assurance is only a few days away. Trip will bring instant rewards. You will also gain friendship of an interesting personality. Avoid unnecessary stress and eat at regular intervals. There will be major changes in career soon. Planets will bend your mind and you will become more religious.

TAURUS(April 21 to May 20): You will try to reorganize things and yourself in a short time. Contract you had been working on will be in your lap soon. An old health issue will flare up again but you will be able to avert that surgery. Spouse will be shopping in big way and may buy few unnecessary items too. A new associate will be friendly and will take the pressure off too.

GEMINI(May 21 to June 20): You may not get the support you were expecting all the times. Avoid all arguments and try to solve issues one at a time. Legal matters will get postponed for another date. Some of you will be taking a trip far away from home this week. Timely actions could save you from many complications. An old friend will call and invite for a small party.

CANCER(June 21 to July 22): Spouse will stay nervous and tense. You will sincerely make the efforts to help the situation but may not succeed right away. Old bills will drain you out but you will be able to fulfill your commitments and even make full payments on all. Something major is brewing up as far as career is concerned; it's a matter of little patience only.

LEO(July 23 to August 22): You will accept the challenge and go for the opportunity to prove your expertise. Money will come but will be hard to preserve. Search will be over and you will find nice and compatible company. Self employed people will sit down and reevaluate the situation and make drastic changes in their business strategy. You will arrange a small get together.

VIRGO(August 23 to September 22): It will be better to put off all major financial decisions for another week or even month. You will be in constant touch with people overseas and try to resolve an important issue. Home may need minor repairs or you may need to change some heavy electric gadget in the house. You will attend an important meeting or go for an phone interview.

LIBRA(September 23 to October 22): Only aggressive attitude and positive thinking can get the results, wait and patience will not help now. You will be exploring new ways to improve revenue. You will be invited to an upcoming party at a friend's house. You may delay your plans to by a property for the time being only. You may visit an government office for some work.

SCORPIO(October 23 to November 22): Major improvements in career just around the corner. Don't be shaky as the events will take place at lightning speed. People will benefit from your advice and expertise and you will get a needy person out of a messy situation. You will be paying off several bills in full. Your hard work and all efforts will bring instant fruitful results.


SAGITTARIUS(November 23 to December 22): You will have many reasons to celebrate. You will be rewarded for past performance now. You will be paying many bills and even write a check to government. You may also visit a holy place with family and get some special prayers done. Money anticipated will get delayed for another week, but its coming. You will become very diplomatic.

CAPRICORN(December 22 to January 19): You have some real easy money now and for next few weeks. Uncertainty developed recently will disappear and you will get the correct picture. All government related matters should be handled carefully or will be penalized soon. You may become slightly double minded about a relationship. You will travel to a nice area to meet someone.

AQUARIUS(January 20 to February 18): Strong Venus in first will create protection and neutralize all negative energy coming towards you. Try to recognize enemy among friends. You will be offered a very lucrative deal by someone you know for long. You will be looking for ideal partners to invest in your idea. It will be a fruitful week and you will get many things out of your way.

PISCES(February 19 to March 20): You will be relaxed and feel motivated. Answer will come in positive only and soon you will have the money to play with. You will learn from competition and change your strategy little bit. Push yourself a little harder and you will make it impossible for others to ignore your abilities and talents. You will visit an old friend this weekend.

Pandit Parashar
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