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Contributed by : Dr. Smita Naram

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Let me share with you proven tools that have used for more than 25 years over half a million people around the world to relieve chronic pain. You can use these tools to improve your quality of life.

Discover how Claudia got remarkable relief from 12 years old osteoporosis

My 12 years old osteoporosis never responded to any treatment. Climbing steps and standing more than five minutes was a real torture for me. Then, as per Dr. Naram's advice, I have started taking Ayushakti herbs and a specific diet. Believe it or not, within one year, my bone density is become normal. Now I can climb steps and stand more than one hour at a stretch without any pain. Claudia, Austria.

How Mr. Patil got freedom from chronic knee pain and joint pain?

64 year old Mr. Patil's knee pain was not any simple ache. His difficulty in walking or climbing stairs was the result of continuous bone degeneration, a process triggered by age and worsened by an indifferent lifestyle. He needed not a quick-fix dose of calcium supplement, but a complete revamp of his diet, lifestyle, aided by a few essential herbs to ensure complete healing. As per the advice he has started a simple diet and supplemented it with Ayushakti's natural herbs. You will not believe, within a few months Mr. Patil's pain had reduced remarkably by 80%. He was using walking stick for last 5 years. Now he did not need any walking stick. He is still following the herbs and diet for last one year for deeper healing Ayurveda traces the source of chronic joint pain to an increase of vayu (air/gas) and aama (a toxic mucous caused by improper digestion that accumulates in the joints) in the body.

Proven Ancient solutions for chronic pain Diet

To reduce Vayu (causing pain & stiffness)
- avoid raw food, heavy beans like black eyed beans, dry peas and chickpeas. Take more Warm soupy foods spiced with ginger, asafoetida and garlic.

To reduce Aama (Swelling around joints)
- Avoid Wheat, deep fried and red meat. Take plenty of vegetables, mung, lentils and millets.

To nourish the bones, prevent osteoporosis and have natural calcium from the food - Take every day any two of the following items - A glass of milk, one cup of spinach, 100 Gms of Amaranth, 2 table spoon sesame seeds, 10 almonds.

Effective home remedies
1. One teaspoon of Castor oil at night with warm ginger water to lubricates the bones.

2. Mixture of 1 teaspoon Turmeric powder, teaspoon garlic crushed teaspoon Ajowain powder, teaspoon coriander seed powder, and teaspoon fenugreek seed powder with half glass of water twice a day. This home remedy reduces pain and swelling naturally.

Ayushakti Hallmarks
1. Ayushakti has successfully granted the boon of parenthood to thousands of infertile couples across the globe.

2. Pulse reading clinics & herbs present in Europe, UK, USA, Australia and New Zealand & Half a million people treated worldwide.

3. Treatment is proven effective in Arthritis, infertility, heart problems, blood pressure, lethargy, mental and physical stress, Skin problems, IBS, high blood sugar, breathlessness, Cholesterol, Over weight, PCOD, Fibroid and a host of other ailments.

4. Research papers published in Europe and America on infertility, pain management, breathlessness, anxiety & depression, Skin problems.

5. 60 western doctors trained in Pulse reading and practicing Ayurveda in their countries.



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