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Contributed by : Anuv Vaghul

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In this modern day and age, driving has become a very complex task for the common man. Our attempts to reduce our detrimental impact on the environment have transformed the automobile industry. Cars are expensive, and at the price of gas, the excitement and joy of driving is overwhelmed by our attention to miles per gallon. Ultimately, the pleasure of driving comes at an expensive cost. Luckily, there is an alternative that will surely fulfill your once insatiable desire to drive fast and furious.

K1 Speed is a nationwide go-kart racing company. Their goal is to provide participants with the most enjoyable and exciting off-road racing experiences. Skill level will not be an issue when visiting, as K1 has created a racing experience, which guarantees excitement and challenge for all.
Competitiveness can be found at all levels of experience.
When entering K1 for the first time, you will surely marvel at the snake-like shaped racetrack, which consists of a diverse variety of winding corners and speedy straights. The track is approximately 1/5 of a mile long. While this does not sound completely fulfilling, time and distance will seize to be an issue when you are racing against friends, family, and other participants in the special K1 go-karts.

One of the best features of K1 is the go-kart. While most go-karting businesses utilize gas-powered motors, K1 provides participants with powerful all electric environmentally friendly go-karts. The responsive electric motor provides the driver with 20 horsepower and massive amounts of acceleration, all at the command of a foot. The karts have great handling, especially in the corners, where the more experienced driver can pull spectacular tail-slides. Even in a straight line, the kart ride is exhilarating. From a personal standpoint, the ride really depends on the driver.
K1 also provides junior go-karts, for children to race and enjoy.
A few laps around the track will certainly leave you wanting more. K1 offers a variety of packages that maximizes on the number of laps the participant desires.

There are a few limitations to K1 Speed. Children might find it difficulty in participating, as there are height and weight qualifications. Also, options can become pricey depending on the number of people. However, the experience is worth it.

Overall, K1 Speed is a fun and exciting place to visit. Whether alone, or in a group, K1's friendly, challenging environment will not leave you bored. Above all, it will fulfill any desires or aspirations of speeding and driving fast, and will return the joy of driving.


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