Thanks to the work of American College Cricket and Boston University Cricket Clu"> Thanks to the work of American College Cricket and Boston University Cricket Clu"/>
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Boston University starts Credit course in Cricket !

Contributed by : Lloyd Jodah

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Thanks to the work of American College Cricket and Boston University Cricket Club President Hayat Khan students at BU can now get credit for learning & playing cricket !

Some months ago Hayat began the process of motivating the relevant college administrators to start such a class. He discussed the idea with American College Cricket President Lloyd Jodah, who gave Hayat a syllabus,& some suggestions. Nadir Budhwani, Phd had pioneered such a course  in 2005 at the University of Minnesota, which was continued by Charles Peterson.

In between doing his college work & exams, playing in the American College Cricket Regionals ( BU's first cricket match on TV), & getting the team  ready for the Nationals, Hayat made a film & did the requisite presentations to get the course approved, then called Lloyd with the great news !

Here's Hayat's description of the class:
The class is called PDP GS 150 (GS for general sports). It's a 1 credit class and it meets in the FitRec which is the Fitness and Recreation Center (the gym). It will be held on Mondays and Wednesdays from 10 am to 11 am. BU student Hayat Khan will be the instructor for the class.
Beginning-level course on the history and rules of cricket. Basic skills will be explored with an emphasis on mastering batting, bowling and fielding techniques. By the end of class, students should be familiar with the fundamentals of cricket and be able to participate in practice games. Equipment will be provided.

A true American cricketer Hayat Khan has played in a number of American College Cricket National and Regional Championships. As a high school student he played in the NYC PSAL high school, and the NYPD United Leagues. One of the reasons he chose Boston University was because he had read about their team in American College Cricket.

In 2011 he was invited by Lloyd Jodah to a "Cricket Weekend" at the National Baseball Hall of Fame, during the historic "Swinging Away - how Cricket and Baseball connect" exhibition, where American College Cricket players did cricket exhibitions.

PHOTO : Hayat Khan (BU) at the National Baseball Hall of Fame, teaching a boy how to hold a bat.


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