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April's Top College Cricket Teams !

Contributed by : Lloyd Jodah

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In the month since the 2011 American College Cricket Spring Break Championship, many of our teams have been rewarded by their Universities for outstanding work as American College Cricket members. There can only be 1 national Champion each year but many of our teams see the bigger picture and earn your rewards in other ways.

When one of our teams step on the field, its merely the tip of the iceberg - having started most of the teams in American College Cricket, I communicate with the leadership throughout the year on many aspects.

Being part of American College Cricket means off the field performance - it's not enough to show up to play, but essential to promote the game. Usually the Club Presidents are the main driving force, but ALL members of the Club are expected to contribute. ALL members must be positive ambassadors of American College Cricket.

The leadership skills learned and exercised are valuable assets when you leave your Universities. You will usually have the confidence to get things done, whilst "critics" can only criticise.

One student was in an interview with a board of medical professionals for his medical residency, and the board looked through the American College Cricket website, saw the stories on his cricket club, and complimented him on his leadership skills.

Here are April's top teams in random order :

George Mason University - Team Captain Hashim Khan said that plans are progressing for a cricket field, as part of a football complex. (U of Iowa,Ohio State & Virginia Tech already have fields). As national Champions, Mason was also featured in 2 different columns in the Washington Post and on the Mason website.

Texas Tech University is putting their cricket team in their 2011 Recruitment Yearbook to attract students, and the Club was named "Student Organisation of the Year" by the University out of over 400 clubs, whilst the Texas Sports Clubs Federation awarded it "Team of the Year" .

The team was also featured in the "Daily Toreador", the school paper and in the news for their World Cup celebration.

NYU-Poly President Jerry Hultin honored Adrian Gordon & the NYU-Poly Cricket team, and he and his staff promised concrete steps to elevate the team even more, with varsity status being considered.

Cleveland State University awarded its cricket team "Club of the Month"

University of Florida A cricketer, Ricky Nayar, was nominated as UF Gators' Athlete of the Year (Male), and the Cricket Club President Krishna Dase was nominated for the "Leadership Award"., whilst the Gator Cricket Club won the "Most improved Club of the Year Award"

University of Pennsylvania the Penn Cricket team met,and took pictures with UPenn President Dr Guttman. They were also featured in the Penn Current.

Rutgers University cricket was featured in the Daily Targum, the school paper ,and the Club hosted a Super Sixes Tournament.

Additionally American College Cricket President Lloyd Jodah and co MVP Adil Bhatti (Montgomery College) were invited by the National Baseball Hall of Fame to the opening of the historic Cricket Exhibition "Swinging Away - how Cricket and Baseball connect".

School financial support : in 2009 when we started, the students funded themselves. For the 2011 Championship there were colleges that fully funded their teams to attend, and practically all others paid at least a part of the teams' equipment ,lodging, travel etc.

This money has paid for the teams' equipment, travel and lodging. American College Cricket has created a whole new world for cricket - this is American money,from American institutions, growing the game in the USA.

Every Club must continue to look for opportunities to maximise the support of their schools for the game, financially & media-wise.

Most importantly I have worked hard to generate mainstream media coverage for American College Cricket, which has given the game its highest profile in mainstream America since the 1800s (just recently we have been in the NY Times, Washington Post twice, NY Daily News & all the college websites) - together we can do more.

Photo:National Champions George Mason University with the Cheerleaders


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