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A Days Sample Diet Plan for a Five Year old Child (Parenting & Kids)
Diet in Childhood (Parenting & Kids)
The rapid growth which occurs in foetal life and during infancy is followed by a long period of gradual growth during childhood. This is the time when the child starts exploring ...
Home Remedies for KNEE PAIN, BACK PAIN, JOINTS PAIN (Health & Lifestyle)
Let me share with you proven tools that have used for more than 25 years over half a million people around the world to relieve chronic pain. You can use these tools to improve your quality of life. Dr. Smita Naram
In pursuit of HAPPINESS (Health & Lifestyle)
The pursuit of happiness is our fundamental right. We are all looking for it one way or the other.Life offered me an opportunity a few months ago to put my learning of Ayurveda into practice; ...
Anu Arora
RAINBOW- THE COLORFUL CHAKRAS OF LIFEA Rainbow leads to one word- LIFE. Every person on this planet has all the colors of the rainbow inside him. His body is ruled by the seven colors of ...
Rima Arora
5 Things Parents can do to enhance Learning in their children (Parenting & Kids)
Reading Read out stories to your child everyday. This will strengthen their vocabulary as well as enhance their imagination, to say nothing of valuable Parent-Child bonding time. Out...
Ashiana Dhillon
Tips for protecting your home from Cold Weather (Health & Lifestyle)
With the arrival of winter weather, it's a good idea to make sure that your home is ready for the freezing temperatures. Here are few maintenance tips: 1. Make sure your gutters are free of le...
P.S: Anamika is the name I gave her and she requested me to write about her. Something strange happened yesterday. ..I was selecting pictures for my Anand Mela blog post, its a...
Ananya Kiran
Defy Aging with Yoga (Yoga)
Yoga can be effectively used to slow down the aging process by reducing the catabolic process of cell deterioration and defy aging. Today's world is stressful. Modern living imposes stresses a...
Darshan Goswami
Is your energy stuck in one of these centers? (Health & Lifestyle)
As any healer will tell you, the diseases that we suffer from are directly connected to our attitude towards ourselves, the people in our lives and towards life itself. All diseases begin with negativ...
Manoj Soral
The Purpose of LivingBy Darshan Goswami, M.S., P.E., Pittsburgh, PAThe Purpose of life is what you want to make out of it. Each of us has a unique purpose in life, and our happiness, g...
Darshan Goswami
The Power of Positive Thinking" (Health & Lifestyle)
THE POWER OF POSITIVE THINKINGBy Darshan Goswami, M.S., P.E., Pittsburgh, PAPositive thinking can change your life. If you want to live longer, be happy, healthy and successful, all y...
Darshan Goswami
The Root Connection: Local Fresh Produce (Health & Lifestyle)
What people often fear and hate most about their favorite foods is that they have been artificially engineered to meet the consumer''s tastes. Common examples are foods essential to the human diet, su...
Anuv Vaghul
8 Health Reasons You Should Never Skip Breakfast (Health & Lifestyle)
Breakfast is the most important part of your diet. If you are in the habit of skipping your breakfast, here are some very important reasons why y...
Sunny Singh
Aging Brain (Health & Lifestyle)
Human brain ages with along with the human body. Most of the people will eventually experience some significant loss of mental lucidity as a result of aging.  People who are 60 years or older exp...
Ramesh Kumar

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