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NRI Investment in Real Estate (Money)
What are the relevant laws both from regulatory and tax perspective that could be of aid prior to making investment in immovable property, surveys Ajay Rotti.The real estate sector in India ha...
Vasudevan Nagarajan
NRI Investment Norms Eased for Realty Sector (Money)
There is good news for NRIs/PIOs as the government has considerably eased investment and repatriation norms, says V NagarajanAn estimated 30 million NRIs living in 160 countries are looking at...
Vasudevan Nagarajan
Bengaluru Residential Property Market (Money)
Bengaluru Residential Property MarketBengaluru continues to remain as favoured destination among US NRIs for investment in housing, says V NagarajanAs a vibrant IT hub and the highest ...
Vasudevan Nagarajan
Withdrawing Money from Roth IRA (Money)
Simple answer is Yes. Yes you can withdraw money from your Roth IRA whenever you want, however there might be penalty based on how much you withdraw before you turn 59.5 years. After 59 years old, and at least 5 years since you begin contributing, you can take “qualified distributions” without penalty. You may withdraw […]...
Can Money Make You Happy? (Money)
A lot of people share a fairly common misconception. They believe that having lots of money can make you happy. Some even say that the more money you have, the happier you can be. Others believe that ...
Darshan Goswami
Fraud Alerts with Shared Accomodation (Money)
Hello Portland Indians,Who are looking for rental accommodations please be aware of these kind of emails from some fraud people.See below is the email, which i received today.I...
Getting the Most from Auto Expenses (Money)
If you use a car for business, you have two choices for claiming deductions:1. Deduct the actual business-related costs of gas, oil, lubrication, repairs, tires, supplies, parking, tolls, driv...
Mukesh Makker
Ending India’s Massive Power Grid Outages (Money)
Darshan Goswami
Buying Car Insurance can be a frustating experience (Money)
Buying car insurance can be very frustrating experience. There are so many options and so many things to consider. The aim of this article is to ease some of the pain and provide you some information ...
European Users Prefer Android than iPhone (Money)
Affected by the financial crisis in Europe, various countries encounter economic recession and it has reflected at the people''''s daily consumption custom. For example, iPhone was so faddish in Europ...
Dava liao
Homeowner Records: What To Keep and How Long (Money)
Keeping full and accurate homeowner records is vital for determining not only your home deductions but also the basis* or adjusted basis of your home. These records include your purchase contract and ...
Mukesh Makker (CPA)
Life insurance: Separate myths from facts (Money)
I’d like to “clear the air” of two misconceptions about life insurance. Knowing the facts can help you make appropriate choices to provide for your family.Myth: I have group life insurance...
Praveen Nair

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