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Rearranging Your Garden (Home & Garden)
All the gardens reach a point where they need a little renovation. Renovation is a huge work. It requires a lot of new ideas, time, and knowledge. Most of the people want to rearrange their garden to ...
Nora Kelly
Give Small Seed Companies a Try! (Home & Garden)
Sue Hartman, Garden Hotline, Seattle TilthHistorically, people around the world have depended upon seed grown and saved by farmers in order to grow food. Flash forward to today, where a handfu...
Laura Matter
How to Prevent Frozen Pipes And Steps to Take When The Mercury Drops (Home & Garden)
Granted, Benjamin Franklin had fire safety in mind when, in 1736, he famously advised Philadelphians that An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. But his words could just as easily apply to k...
Sunil Jain Allstate
What Type of Firewood is Best? (Home & Garden)
From buying it to burning it, knowing a few things about firewood can greatly help the productivity of your wood stove or fireplace this winter. Here are tips culled from the nonprofit Wood Heat Organ...
Sunil Jain Allstate
Winter Identification of Deciduous Trees (Home & Garden)
Falaah Jones, Garden Hotline EducatorHave you ever wondered what that beautiful deciduous tree is in your neighborhood? Even without leaves, flowers and fruit to help you, winter's a great tim...
Laura Matter
Planting a Garden for Habitat (Home & Garden)
Normal 0 Laura Matter
Pickles are the Spice of Life (Home & Garden)
Normal 0 Laura Matter
Summer Garden Watering Advice (Home & Garden)
Normal 0 Laura Matter
Summer Garden Watering Advice (Home & Garden)
Normal 0 Laura Matter
Pickles Are the Spice of Life! (Home & Garden)
Normal 0 Laura Matter
Field of Greens (Home & Garden)
Julie Kintzi, Garden Hotline, Seattle Tilth The battle cry of northwest gardeners this time of year is…“Is it spring yet?” This question is quickly followed by “What can I plant now?” After a ...
Laura Matter
Early Spring Events for Plant Lovers: Dream About Spring (Home & Garden)
Most years the weather is too cold or too wet to be gardening right now. If you’re feeling like you have been driven indoors, take this time to plan, prepare and dream of spring! Attend one of the man...
Sheri Hinshaw, Garden Hotline Educator, Seattle Tilth
Escaped Plants - Today's garden plants can become tomorrow's invasives (Home & Garden)
The Problem with Invasive Plants : Many plants sold in nurseries can become noxious problem plants in our landscape, and they can even escape into our greenbelts and appear along highways. ...
Laura Matter
Gardens to Tour in the Puget Sound Area (Home & Garden)
There are many parks, P-Patches, and demonstration gardens in the Seattle area to visit, and the surrounding mountain ranges (when they can be seen!), and bodies of water surrounding us like Lake Wash...
Sheri Hinshaw, Environmental Educator, The Garden Hotline
A Bee or Not a Bee; That is the Question (Home & Garden)
There are bees and then there are bees. In the spring and summer we see solitary mason bees or swarming, fuzzy honey bees or bumblebees humming here and there. And often that bee that you are swatting...
Falaah Jones, Garden Hotline Educator Seattle Tilth

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