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Gender: FEMALE
Height: 5' 5''
Details: I am a religious Hindu girl with both an equal traditional and modern outlook. I have completed my Bachelors of Science (B.S.C) in Life/Medical Sciences at one of the worldâ?Ts top ranked Universities and am heading towards graduating this coming June with Specialist in Psychology, major in Neuroscience, and an honours research thesis in hand. Following this, I plan to work full time . I have joined one of the top 5 banks . I plan to pursue my studies after my marriage while working after moving to the location where I am getting married. I am seriously looking for the right iyer groom at the moment. My first preference is to live and work in Canada. USA ord UK . Outside of University, I am a nature lover with a special taking to classical music, arts, painting, singing and am a great conversationalist. I also enjoy cooking as a passion, meditate, read blogs and books, but on the flip side, am quite independent and always up for adventure sports. I am also volunteering in leading health institutions. In terms of relationships, I am a highly mature individual who knows exactly what I want from my partner. Family is huge for me so I shall love and respect my partner`s parents just as much as I do mine and although I don`t believe in gender roles, I would thoroughly enjoy cooking,managing the home and my profession with the right man by my side. It definitely helps if he enjoys cooking share responsibilty in household activitities and managing home. I am an incredibly strong, happy and successful woman looking for the same in my partner. Best regards to you and your family. Please read my partner preference in the below sections. If you are interested in my profile, please respond . I will happily respond to the right family and the right groom
Interested in : Male for Matrimonial
Looking For: Education :Any Degree OccupationAccounts/Finance Professional, Banking Service Professional, CXO / President, Director, Chairman, Chartered Accountant, Doctor, Engineer - Non IT, Hardware Professional, Health Care Professional, Lawyer & Legal Professional, Paramedical Professional, Professor / Lecturer Annual Income$70 K and above Groom's Age23 - 28 Years Height5 Ft 7 In - 6 Ft 2 In / 170 Cms - 188 Cms Marital statusNever married Physical StatusNormal Eating HabitsVegetarian, Eggetarian Smoking HabitsNon-smoker Drinking HabitsNon-drinker ReligionHindu Mother TongueTamil CasteBrahmin - Iyer Sub CasteAny Sub Caste StarAny Star GothraAll (Except my gothra) ManglikNo I am looking for a partner who will be a friend, willing to stand by me at every stage of my life.Should be well qualified, intelligent and understanding by nature. Bridegroom should be a Canadian citizen/permanent resident , UK citizen or a US citizen. Be from a traditional Hindu Iyer family with modern outlook with origins from Tamilnadu/Kerala. Some of the qualities I am looking in a groom are accomplished, affectionate, ambitious, amiable,balanced, broad-minded,charming, caring , cheerful, considerate, courteous,cultured, dependable, devoted, dignified, distinguished,empathetic, enchanting. enterprising, even-tempered, faithful,friendly, fun-loving,generous,good-natured, graceful, gracious honest, humorous,independent, individualistic, intelligent, jovial,liberal, lighthearted, loving, loyal ,mature, mischievous, modest, multi-lingual,open-minded, optimistic, outspoken,pleasant, professional,refined, reliable, responsible, romantic, sensible, sensitive, sincere, stable, sweet, talented, tender, trustworthy, understanding,vibrant, vivacious ,warm-hearted, well-educated, wise, witty, wonderful,young-at-heart, youthful, zealous
Location:New York,NY
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