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Cooking/Cleaning/Household help (Wanted)
Looking for live in nanny or after school cookandnanny for 9 and 8 yr old
Looking for a live in nanny OR a person that can stay home from 2 to 6 every day to take care of 9 a

Latest Classifieds for Cooking/Cleaning/Household help (Wanted)
Cooking/Cleaning/Household help (Wanted)
Looking for live in nanny or after school cookandnanny for 9 and 8 yr old
Looking for a live in nanny OR a person that can stay home from 2 to 6 every day to take care of 9 and 8 yr old. Cooking needed. Laundry once or twice a week. We are a Telugu family . Another option i
By: Mrs Reddy

Cooking/Cleaning/Household help (Wanted)
domestic help needed
I'm looking for assistance with household chores during the weekdays few hours thrice a week. Prefer someone that can start in mid July or August.

Would prefer someone who could help out with h
By: Raj Grover

Cooking/Cleaning/Household help (Wanted)
domestic help needed
I live in downtown seattle and I am looking for some domestic help 5 times a week from about 10-5pm to help out my old parents, cook veg meals and clean from July 6-28. Kindly email me at facingeastyo

Cooking/Cleaning/Household help (Wanted)
Need help with cooking/cleaning

I am looking for help with cooking and basic housekeeping. We expect help for:
1) all 5 weekdays, 1-2 hrs during 7-9.30 am
2) cooking
3) cleaning in kitchen area.

Please con
By: Kshitiz Kumar

Cooking/Cleaning/Household help (Wanted)
Need Part time cooking help

We are looking for Indian Cooking help for 2 times a week.

We will need 1-2 hours of help per visit for chopping vegetables, cooking and cleaning utensils.

Please let me know
By: pallavi singh

Cooking/Cleaning/Household help (Wanted)
Need a Cook

Need someone (everyday or every other day for 1-2 hours) who can prepare/cook vegetarian food and clean the kitchen.

By: Vikas Mehta

Cooking/Cleaning/Household help (Wanted)
Housekeeping help wanted
I am looking for housekeeper who can come to my house and cook indian food, do some cleaning and other housekeeping.
Please contact me at to discuss more.
By: Archana Alatkar

Cooking/Cleaning/Household help (Wanted)
Cooking/Help Needed
Hi, Looking for Cooking/Household help on a regular bases. Atleast 2 to 3 times a week to start with. Email if interested. We live in Redmond downtown, very close 2 mins from Library. timing are flexi
By: vicky raldal

Cooking/Cleaning/Household help (Wanted)
Veg. cooking help
Regular household cooking help needed through the week: 3-4 days a week for 2 hours each day. Other tasks can be added if you require more hours. $15ph. Please respond to this ad online with your inte
By: P S

Cooking/Cleaning/Household help (Wanted)
Wanted: Indian Cook/ Domestic Helper

I'm looking for a helper, who can come in on a regular basis. Among other things, we need a helping hand for cooking meals and light household chores.

Please call/email, if interest
By: Anu Kapoor

Cooking/Cleaning/Household help (Wanted)
Cooking help daily
Cooking ( vegetarian food) and household help needed everyday for 4 hrs. Flexible timings. Near crossroad mall .
By: Nitin Agarwal

Cooking/Cleaning/Household help (Wanted)
cooking help 3-4 days a week
I am looking for immediate help who can come 1-3 hrs everyday and cook meals for my family. we are a family of 3 .


By: Kusum Chawla

Cooking/Cleaning/Household help (Wanted)
Cooking Cleaning
I need cooking cleaning help for 5 days a week for 2 hrs evryday.I am located near Coal creek intrested people please contact me at 425-623-0081
By: soma dey

Cooking/Cleaning/Household help (Wanted)
Cooking and household help in Kirkland

By: jaya gupta

Cooking/Cleaning/Household help (Wanted)
Cook and cleaner
I need cooking and cleaning help for 2 hours ,daily from monday to friday.
please contact me at 425-623-0081
By: soma dey

Cooking/Cleaning/Household help (Wanted)
Looking for Cook
Hi, I'm looking for cook who can cook at home or deliver at my place in Bellevue, 5 times a week.

At minimum, I need north Indian style roti. So if someone can make at home and deliver at my p
By: Sandeep Kumar

Cooking/Cleaning/Household help (Wanted)
Cooking & cleaning help needed
Looking for cook/cleaning help 5 days a week
Please call me on this no before 10 am and after 6 pm only.
By: soma dey

Cooking/Cleaning/Household help (Wanted)
Looking for a south indian cook
I am looking for someone to come home to Redmond Ridge and cook and clean the kitchen. Would prefer atleast once in two days, but flexible timings and frequency in the evening. I also have lot of frie
By: Lakshmi A


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