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Cooking/Cleaning/Household help (Wanted)
Domestic help/cook needed
I need help with cooking in the morning (it can be one to three times per week as convenient for the

Cooking/Cleaning/Household help (Wanted)
Looking for live in nanny or after school cookandnanny for 9 and 8 yr old
Looking for a live in nanny OR a person that can stay home from 2 to 6 every day to take care of 9 a

Latest Classifieds for Cooking/Cleaning/Household help (Wanted)
Cooking/Cleaning/Household help (Wanted)
Looking for nanny/cook

I need a nanny/cook to start from 14th Aug weekend and then 17th Aug onwards from Mon to Friday, from 8 am to 5pm daily.

I live in Avalon at Bear Creek in Redmond. Please write at f
By: Sunny Singh

Cooking/Cleaning/Household help (Wanted)
Cooking Help Wanted
Need help in cooking- alternate days in a week or weekends, flexible with the schedule in Seattle near Fremont Area
By: S M

Cooking/Cleaning/Household help (Wanted)
Domestic help/cook needed
I need help with cooking in the morning (it can be one to three times per week as convenient for the provider, details can be discussed later).

I also need domestic help like cleaning kitchen,

Cooking/Cleaning/Household help (Wanted)
Household help needed

Part time housekeeper/Household help needed for about 3-4 hours / week on weekends. Should be available either on Saturday or Sunday.

Some job duties:
Perform some household cleanin
By: Manish Singhal

Cooking/Cleaning/Household help (Wanted)
Domestic help neded
I need help with domestic chores like dishwashing, laundry (washing & folding), cutting vegetables , cleaning kitchen and living room etc 3 times a week(mon, wed & fri) for 2 hours. So that will be 6
By: Sarada Kaligotla

Cooking/Cleaning/Household help (Wanted)
Cooking help needed
Need help everyday or every other day. Hours flexible.

By: Khushboo Gandhi

Cooking/Cleaning/Household help (Wanted)
Cooking help required in Redmond Education Hill
We are looking for someone who can come over to our home in Education Hill and help us with North Indian cooking on a regular basis. (2-3 times per week).
Must be able to commute on their ow
By: Akash Mehrotra

Cooking/Cleaning/Household help (Wanted)
Cooking help wanted
Looking for somebody who can come home in the evening for 1 hour Monday-thursday and help me with the cooking.Lives very close to Microsoft main campus. Please contact me if interested.
By: Shely S

Cooking/Cleaning/Household help (Wanted)
Professional House Cleaning required
WE are looking for professional house cleaning service in Bothell.Please contact us with your details.
By: Rupali Nagpal

Cooking/Cleaning/Household help (Wanted)
Looking for live in nanny or after school cookandnanny for 9 and 8 yr old
Looking for a live in nanny OR a person that can stay home from 2 to 6 every day to take care of 9 and 8 yr old. Cooking needed. Laundry once or twice a week. We are a Telugu family . Another option i
By: Mrs Reddy

Cooking/Cleaning/Household help (Wanted)
Need a Cook

Need someone (everyday or every other day for 1-2 hours) who can prepare/cook vegetarian food and clean the kitchen.

By: Vikas Mehta

Cooking/Cleaning/Household help (Wanted)
Housekeeping help wanted
I am looking for housekeeper who can come to my house and cook indian food, do some cleaning and other housekeeping.
Please contact me at to discuss more.
By: Archana Alatkar

Cooking/Cleaning/Household help (Wanted)
Wanted: Indian Cook/ Domestic Helper

I'm looking for a helper, who can come in on a regular basis. Among other things, we need a helping hand for cooking meals and light household chores.

Please call/email, if interest
By: Anu Kapoor

Cooking/Cleaning/Household help (Wanted)
cooking help 3-4 days a week
I am looking for immediate help who can come 1-3 hrs everyday and cook meals for my family. we are a family of 3 .


By: Kusum Chawla

Cooking/Cleaning/Household help (Wanted)
Cooking Cleaning
I need cooking cleaning help for 5 days a week for 2 hrs evryday.I am located near Coal creek intrested people please contact me at 425-623-0081
By: soma dey

Cooking/Cleaning/Household help (Wanted)
Cooking and household help in Kirkland

By: jaya gupta

Cooking/Cleaning/Household help (Wanted)
Cook and cleaner
I need cooking and cleaning help for 2 hours ,daily from monday to friday.
please contact me at 425-623-0081
By: soma dey


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